What Today, Lord?

I’ve really been struggling recently with how best to use my time each day.  With starting a business there seems to be so many things that need to all be done RIGHT NOW!  Those who know me best knew that I’m a ‘doer.’  When something needs doing, I do it.  That can be a big problem when there’s a lot to do.  It’s those days that I especially need to stop, sit, breathe, and pray.  Remembering that life is best lived by the Lord’s time frame is the only way I can deal with life sometimes.

So this morning I’m sitting there and asking, “What today, Lord?  Do I research small business requirements?  Do I sew like mad and work on re-stocking my inventory?  Do I blow it all off and do nothing?…”

Today I’m working on a special project, one that won’t make me any money, but will bless some special people in my life.

I make a product that I call my Forget-Me-Not line.  This is basically a special-order bag made from material supplied by the customer, material that has sentimental value.  The first Forget-Me-Not bag I made was for a good friend of mine.  Her dearest friend had recently passed away from cancer.  My friend brough me a pair of jeans worn by her loved one and I made her a bag out of it.  Here is one that I recently made.  Another friend of mine brought me an outgrown jumper belonging to her toddler from which I made a little purse the two of them plan to share.

Rose’s bag made from Johanna’s jumper

So today I’m working on another set of Forget-Me-Not bags.  My grandmother recently passed away.  I drove down to be with my family for a few days during this time and they sent me home with many of Grammy’s clothes to use for my projects.  I’ve been intending to use some of her things to make my aunts and cousins a little something to remember Grammy by, but I keep putting it off.  Not sure why.  I’ve been telling myself that it’s because I’ve been busy with special orders for Christmas, but now those are done and I don’t have anything pressing to do.  I guess it’s time.  I think it’s going to be a little bit of a sad day.  But maybe if I focus on who I’m making things for it will help.  It’s definitely time.


2 thoughts on “What Today, Lord?

  1. I suspect that your Gram would be very pleased with today’s project…what a wonderful way to use your God-given talents! You’re special, as are the things you make–and I know first-hand!

  2. handmedowndesigns

    Thanks Carol! You’re friendship is pretty special to me. I’ll post pictures tomorrow. 🙂

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