Grammy’s Hands

I sewed yesterday.  A lot.

Making Forget-Me-Not items from my grandmother’s things (see yesterday’s post), made for a strange mix of melancholy and joy.  Remembering that Grammy was gone was sad, of course, but knowing that my aunts and cousins would have these tokens to remember her by put a smile in my heart.  So today I want to share a bit of that joy with you.

These first three pictures are a tote bag, a checkbook cover, and a clutch all made from a quilt that used to grace my grandmother’s bed. 

A tote bag for my cousin, Karen

A checkbook cover for Aunt Barbara
and a clutch for Karen’s daughter, Candi

I’m pretty happy with how these came out (I kinda want to keep the tote bag for myself!), but it’s this next one that, to me, is the most special.

For my cousin, Sara

I call this style bag my slouch bag because, well, it’s slouchy.  And this one isn’t the prettiest one I’ve ever made, either.  But how it looks isn’t what makes it so special.

When my aunt was giving me clothes to use for bags she handed me a gray, hooded, zip-up sweatshirt and said, “Use this one to make a bag for your cousin, Sara.  It was a gift to Grammy from her.”  Now, I don’t usually work with stretch knits, they stretch.  Non-stretchy fabric just makes a better bag.  So, when my Aunt asked me to make a bag out of this sweatshirt, I was a bit at a loss as to what I was going to do with it.

I pulled out that sweatshirt yesterday and just looked at it.  First from one side, then from the other, zipped, un-zipped.  I was mentally scratching my head, stumped.  What to do with this thing?  “Lord, I need some inspiration.”

Then I saw the pockets and it hit me.  One of the neat things about my slouch bags is the pockets, ripped off of the backs of jeans and stitched into handy spots on the front of the bags.  These pockets weren’t very pretty, but they were functional, and, with a bit of careful cutting and piecing, I decided they would work.

As I said earlier, it’s not my prettiest bag, but the following is the note to my cousin that I plan to include with this bag, and it explains exactly what is so beautiful about it:

“This bag has pockets from one of Grammy’s sweatshirts, one that you gave her as a present.  I chose to use the pockets because they are where I imagine Grammy’s hands being numerous times.  Diving in to retrieve an item previously deposited there.  Perhaps snuggled deep inside to warm them up when they were chilly.  Grammy’s hands.  When you use these pockets, you can remember Grammy’s soft, wrinkled, loving hands.”

We miss you and love you, Grammy.  Thanks for the sweet memories.

6 thoughts on “Grammy’s Hands

  1. Kimberly Worster

    You are wonderful!

  2. handmedowndesigns

    Aw, shucks!

  3. Beautiful…thanks for sharing!

  4. That is priceless!! What a great sentiment!

  5. I really liked hearing about your grandmother and how special she was! Thanks for sharing!

  6. you made me cry….but it’s a good thing….what a precious gift to Sara.

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