Featured Friend Friday!

O.K.  So I got a little distracted this morning.  I got caught up in organizing my materials (a.k.a.- pants, lots and lots of pants!..oh, and pockets, too!).  Last night my husband accidentally bought me a couple of stacking storage shelves.  Accidental because I was supposed to be buying them myself, but we got distracted talking to the cashier…a friend of my daughter’s who is getting married tomorrow :-)…and everything ended up getting rung up together.  Merry Christmas to me!

It actually feels pretty good to be going through my stuff, separating usable scraps from whole garments; cool, usable pockets from remnants that really just need to be thrown out…(but what if I need that scrap one day???).  But today isn’t about me…today is about “Featured Friend Friday!”

I thought it might be nice to give a little special attention to some extra special folks once in a while and I liked the alliteration of “Featured Friend Friday!,” so here it is!

This Friday’s friend is known on Etsy.com as “MimiRob”  and her shop can be found at http://www.mimirob.etsy.com.  MimiRob has also become a personal friend of mine…partly because she was my very-first-ever-non-related Etsy customer :-), but mostly because we’ve got that very special sisters-in-Christ bond.  I love that!  Anyway…

MimiRob’s shop specializes in “everything from alphabet pillows to aprons, from pantaloons to purses, from doll clothes to girls’ dresses…and much more!”  She started out primarily offering dolls clothes, but one thing led to another, and now she’s got an amazing array of very distinctive items.  I think my most favorite is her “Everything Apron.” 

MimiRob’s Everything Apron

It’s got amazing pockets (I’m beginning to think I’ve got a pocket fetish), and is just looks so soft and flowy and girly.  I love it!

Well, it’s way past time for breakfast…I’m thinking of a cheese omelet with eggs fresh from my own chickens, yum!…Have a great day, and if you have a chance, please take a minute to check out MimiRob’s shop!

Be blessed!


5 thoughts on “Featured Friend Friday!

  1. Aww–thanks, friend…wasn’t expecting that! I’m so thankful that the Lord made our paths cross!

  2. handmedowndesigns

  3. Hi! Happy New Year! I now subscribe to your blog – I’m from the CAST team on Etsy.

  4. handmedowndesigns

    Hi Brenda! Thanks for subscribing. Hope you’ve had a good New Year’s day.

  5. What a good idea! So easy t o remember,too! “Featured Friend Friday”!
    I love aprons! Mimi’s shop is wonderful!

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