“Do You Trust Me?”

These are the words that have been going through my mind, over and over again this morning.  It’s the Lord, asking me, “Do you trust Me?”

Do I trust the Lord?  Obviously I trust the Lord, I’m a Christian, aren’t I?  He’s God, right?  All-powerful, all-knowing, Creator of everything, eternal, faithful…why wouldn’t I trust Him?  Has He ever let me down before?  But the question still keeps coming at me…do I really trust Him?

If I trust Him, why do I waste hours pouring over my computer trying to figure out what I need to do to build my business?  If I trust Him, why do I fret, wondering where the money will come from for crafting supplies or craft fair fees?  If I trust Him, why do I feel like I just have to have a second piece of cake, and a big one at that?  If I trust Him, why do I get stressed trying to figure out how to get everything on my to-do list done?

The answer…sin, specifically, lack of faith.  Trusting more in what I see with the eyes in my head than what I see with the eyes of my heart.

image by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel licensed by Creative Commons Generic Attribute 2.0

Today I am on my knees before the throne of Grace.  “I believe, Lord.  Forgive my unbelief.”  Help me to trust You…really trust, from the heart.  The kind of trust that looks the world straight in the eye and says, “God is SO much bigger than anything you throw at me.  He’s got a plan, and He ALWAYS succeeds!  Today I begin this journey of learning to truly trust our Lord.  Even as I type that, I’m a little scared.  Do I trust Him?

2 thoughts on ““Do You Trust Me?”

  1. me too…scared a little…always that nagging little voice in the back of my mind that wants the answer to “If I totally trust, where will HE take me?” ……gotta keep on believing.

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