It’s Friday!

It’s been a great week, all told.  I’ve had moments where I felt like I was stuck in the mud and not getting anywhere, but then there were days, like yesterday, that I just seemed to get so much done.  I was blessed with two Etsy sales this week, and I’ve listed at least 9 new items.  I’m feeling pretty good about this week.  God is good, and I’m taking this moment to remember that “every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights.”  Thank You, Lord.  May my days and my work bring You honor and praise!

Speaking of honor…today is spotlight day!  Fridays are devoted to a Featured Friend.  And this week’s friend is Audrey Hotchkiss of Little Eye Designs

Audrey is a fellow Mainer, who has a passion for all things Vermont-ian.  She attended Massachusetts College of Art,  and has spent hours upon hours in the dark-room.
I first met Audrey at a local craft fair.  Actually, I was looking for her.  I had learned that she was going to be attending a fair that was close to my home.  Being new to Etsy and wanting to put live faces to screen names, I decided to visit.  She and a friend were busy setting up their booth, but Audrey was more than happy to welcome me to the Etsy Maine family and let me browse her wares as she struggled with a make-shift display stand made from two tripods, some colorful packing tape, and some twine.  (Sorry, Audrey, I had to share!  It’s a memory that brings a smile to my face:-)  Anyway, what I found on Audrey’s table were piles of painted, pictured, polished pop-bottle caps…tons of them!  

Aeroport Airport travel companion Bottle Cap Necklace by Little Eye Designs

Audrey takes some of her own photography, or pictures from various other places that take her fancy, and puts them into bottle caps, covers them with resin, and then makes them into amazing little trinkets like pins, barrettes, magnets, and jewelry.  I wanted to take about a dozen of them home with me, but, having only a couple of dollars in my wallet, I settled on one…a pin with a diagram from a photography text book…a perfect stocking stuffer for my own aspiring photographer and lovely daughter, Sara.  (By the way, Audrey, Sara loves her pin!  She’s got it attached to a wallet I made her).

What I didn’t get to see at that craft fair was some of Audrey’s full-sized photography.  And she’s got some amazing pieces!  Like this one…one of her newest Etsy listings.  I love the colors.  She’s got a great collection of prints, some framed, some as is.  They are definitely worth checking out.

Red Farmer's Market Flower - 10 Inch Framed Photograph by Little Eye Designs

Currently, Audrey and I are working with a handful of other Maine Etsians to try to organize a spring-time craft fair.  I’m looking forward to that…what fun it will be to meet more of our Etsy friends in person.  And, of course, it will be an opportunity for you to see some of Audrey’s work up close and personal.  I’ll be sure to let you know when and where, just as soon as we get all our little ducks in a row!
For now, enjoy Audrey’s colorful shop.  Who knows…maybe one of her creations will beg you to take it home!
Have a blessed weekend!

3 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. What a mixture of beautiful and fun things in Audrey’s shop–glad I got to ‘meet’ her!

  2. Wow, wow! Thanks, Malaika! I’m adding a link to this entry on my blog and I think a special occasion like this warrants a sale at my shop!

    Enter code: MALAIKAISAWESOME at checkout for 20% off! Through next Friday for all the readers of your lovely blog!

  3. […] Here’s the linky:  A Clay Pot and Her Hand-Me-Downs […]

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