Where Did The Week Go?

I can’t believe it’s Saturday already!  But I’m sure glad it is!

This week has been filled with lots of snow…lots and lots of snow.  One of the ‘perks’ of living in Maine.  I try to tell myself that shoveling is good exercise, but it doesn’t make the 8 inches of snow any less heavy or the 500 feet of driveway and shorter.  Thankfully, because we homeschool, I’ve always got a strong young man around to help with the task.  Actually, Christopher has been great this week, willing to go out whenever we decide it’s time…especially when I tell him he can shovel instead of doing his Calculus lesson for the day!

And then there’s the craft fair that a couple of friends and I are organizing.  What was just a pre-born idea on Monday is now a new-born event, almost ready to be revealed to the world.  Very excited out that…we’re calling it The BIG THAW.  More details to come!

I feel like I haven’t gotten much accomplished on the sewing front this week, but when I look back at all the items I’ve added recently, I guess I’ve done O.K.  Yesterday was discouraging…but that’s a story I really don’t feel like diving into.  Let’s just say that, what I had expected to be an amazing tri-fold wallet, will now end up in the ‘discounted goods’ pile.  But here are a few things that are sell-worthy:

My newest creation - the tissue pouch!

Embroidered jeans become a trendy bag

And the ever-popular tote bag

But now it’s Saturday, all my planned projects are finished, and there is nothing pressing that’s waiting to be done.  Sure, the house could use a little cleaning, groceries should get done, maybe I should check in at the farm store where I have some of my items for sale…but the really beautiful thing about today is…I don’t HAVE to do anything at all today!  That so rarely happens.  I’m going to try to enjoy it.  I’ve got a good book to read (a new one by Ted Dekker, who happens to be my current favorite author), maybe I’ll just savor the opportunity and dive in!

O.K.  Enough talking about relaxing and time to get on with it!

Be blessed!



3 thoughts on “Where Did The Week Go?

  1. Love the purses! It is amazing how a week flies by.

  2. I felt like the week “disappeared” on me too! Hoping ya’ll thaw out soon! Looks like an interesting book! I may have to check it out…always looking for a good read. 🙂

  3. Where DID the week go?? We just finished Saturday night by rearranging the living room furniture, disassembling all the electronic components and then a little rearranging in the bedroom to make room for an amazing piece of furniture coming to our house tomorrow. Custom-made media console!! Then grocery shopping. Thank goodness I’ll be sitting down with a book tomorrow, too – http://sloweddie.com My friend’s dad wrote it! Let’s resume craft fair talk on Mon/Tues, so we all get a little relax-y time!! 🙂

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