Swing Your Partner, Promenade!

I must start off this post by sharing a little secret about myself…I am a square dancer.

Don’t belive me?  I’ll prove it:

Do you believe me now?  Don’t knock it, it’s really a lot of fun, and nothing at all like the square dancing we all did in elementary school!…Isn’t my hubby handsome? 🙂

So the reason I had to share that with you is that it’s related to a new little adventure I am embarking on.  You see, we square dancers have conventions just like every other organization in the world, and this year it’s in a neighboring town and with members from our very own square dance club, Mix ‘n Mingle, on the board.  (Just in case you’re interested, it’s the 53rd New England Square and Round Dance Convention in Biddeford).

I was asked by one of the committee members if I would like to bring Hand-Me-Down Designs to the convention.  Of course, I said yes immediately!  And now I’ve got visions of petticoats dancing in my head!  O.K., not really, but I do have all sorts of new, dance related ideas bombarding my brain right now, and I’m really excited to get started.  So don’t be surprised if you start seeing square dancers and square symbols on some of my newer things.  I haven’t gone off my rocker, I’m just gearing up for Convention, and, who knows, maybe there are a few square dancers hiding on Etsy who have been waiting for just this sort of thing!  I can dream, can’t I?

Now…where IS my partner???

Be blessed!


3 thoughts on “Swing Your Partner, Promenade!

  1. That is AWESOME! I didn’t know you were a square dancer! I went to a New Year’s Day party that had a square/contra (what’s the difference?) dance caller and it was sooo much fun, if not a little embarrassing. My aunt and uncle also happen to be friends with pretty much only string musicians so it was an amazing time.

    I love your dress in that pic!

  2. Nice picture and great opportunity!

  3. Haha! LOVE the picture!!!!

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