Every Good and Perfect Gift

It’s early Saturday morning.  I could be sleeping in, but hubby had to work today, and my body is so used to getting up early that by 5:45 a.m. I was awake, my mind already buzzing away trying to noodle out my newest design.  I figured I may as well get up.  So, with my morning cup of joe in hand, I curled up in my favorite corner of our big, comfy couch, and pulled out my Word of God like I do every morning.  I like to start my day off right, get my focus centered on what really matters, and remember where ‘every good and perfect gift’ comes from.

And as I was sitting there, spending time with the Lord, I started going over the week, even over the last couple of months, and realizing how abundantly He has blessed me and this adventure I call Hand-Me-Down Designs.  First off, He is constantly blessing me with materials for my bags.  Just yesterday I came home with two ginormous beach bags filled to over-flowing with clothing left over from a friend’s yard sale…good stuff, too!  Several long suede coats, a bunch of denim, corduroy, and velour, all in good repair, classy garments that I can use to make elegant evening clutches and wallets, water-proof jackets that will make great cell phone cases and men’s wallets…the list just goes on and on!  All for FREE (of course, as always, my donors receive a special little something as a ‘thank you’ for their contribution)…but just a whole bunch of great material, handed to me…what a blessing!

And then there’s the surprise e-mail I got yesterday, out of the blue, someone wanting to talk to me about selling my designs at her hair salon!  She saw and purchased one of my tote bags at the farm store where I sell things on consignment.  She loved it so much that she wants to sell them, too!  How cool is that!?…Tell me that’s not a God thing!

Oh, and I can’t stop without telling you about how the Lord is both providing necessary funds and teaching me patience.  I’ve got these great little tags that I sew into all of my pieces (made especially for me by Miss Label), but I’m running out, and a need a little chunk of money so I can re-order.  Here’s the thing…we’ve got a small stash tucked away in the savings account that I’m at liberty to borrow from if I need to.  I was tempted to dip in and place my order, but the Lord gave me a little nudge and reminded me that I had committed this business to Him, to trusting Him to provide…so it just didn’t feel like the right thing to do, to borrow from the account.  I felt that I really needed to practice patience and faith, and wait on the Lord’s timing.  It hasn’t been easy, even though it’s only been a week since I started worrying waiting.  But bit by bit, over the course of the week, income has been coming…a special order from my aunt, another from my Etsy store, the lady from the salon, a sewing lesson…I say it again, God is SO good!  (Miss Label, be expecting to hear from me soon!).

I guess what I hope to accomplish with all of this gushing is, firstly, to give God all the praise and credit for how He is working in my life, and secondly, to encourage you to take a few minutes and honestly consider how He is blessing you.  Thankfulness is an amazing way to start you day! 

Be blessed!


7 thoughts on “Every Good and Perfect Gift

  1. This post is such an encouragement to me today! Thank you for reminding me that instead of worrying I need to step back and be thankful to God for how he has time and again provided for me and my family.

  2. HMDD, it is just so cool to be giving these materials a new purpose. I liked your strikethrough of “worrying” and replacing it with “waiting”…I am not a good waiter, and constant have to remind myself that things will happen in God’s time, not mine.

  3. Great post. I love how you have the patience to let God handle things in His time. He is so good!

  4. What a great encouragement for me. It is definitely hard to wait, but so worth it in the end when it is the Lord you are waiting on! ♥

  5. It is great to be blessed and share it with the world.

  6. Such truth Thank you for the reminders!

  7. It is wonderful to attribute to the Lord the many little blessings we receive daily! Great post.

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