Lessons From Leather

I am the eldest child in my family, the first born…the one who got in trouble the most, pioneering the way so that my brothers could learn from my mistakes and avoid them.  O.K., to be honest, I never thought about the benefit of experience that my actions would give my brothers, but the fact is, I would get in trouble for stuff and my brothers wouldn’t because they were smart enough to NOT follow my example.  In other words, I learned by trial and error, they learned from watching and applying.

And the reason I even bring all this up is that, true to the nature of being the eldest, yesterday I learned a lot about working with suede…the hard way.  So, since it seems to be the way I roll, I’ll share with you what I learned, just in case you decide one day to try to sew some leather.

Number 1:  DO make  sure you have a specially designed needle for leather work.

Number 2:  DO stitch slowly over areas where you are stitching more than one layer of leather together.

Number 3:  DO use some sort of easily removable layer (waxed paper worked great!) to help your machine feed the leather between the presser foot and the feed dogs.

Number 4:  DO NOT use post-it notes as your removable layer…expecially the super-sticky brand.

Yeah, so, post-it note glue was not designed to peel up from suede as easily as it peels up from other surfaces.  Let’s just say that I spent some time picking obstinate little flakes of orange sticky note paper from the surface of the wallet I was working on.

So now that you have some helpful pointers, let me show you the finished product.  In my humble opinion, it was worth every minute I spent on it 🙂

I call this my bi-fold women’s wallet, and others like it can be found in my Etsy shop.

Maybe next time I’ll do a little research before I try working with a new medium…or maybe not.  What’s the fun in knowing what you’re doing all the time, anyway?

Gotta run.  Lots of sewing to do today and ANOTHER snow storm to be prepared for!

Stay warm and be blessed!



2 thoughts on “Lessons From Leather

  1. Oh yeah! Make 20 of these for The BIG THAW! Lookin’ good, Malaika 🙂

  2. Forgot to mention — I’m the oldest, too. I totally plow through every project with no heed for directions, instruction manuals or opinions from innocent bystanders. My feeling is everything should make sense to me automatically 😉

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