Not My Ways

Wow!  That’s all I can say…wow!  God never ceases to knock my socks off (forgive the cliché)!

Like so many of my fellow Etsians, I’ve been experiencing a slump is sales these past couple of weeks.  A big slump.  As in, NO sales.  It can get pretty discouraging.  But, like the worker bee that I am, I’ve been plugging away and doing what I can.  I spent some quality time improving my tag words, trying to make my shop more seeker-friendly…if Google can find me, anybody can.  Unfortunately, Google hasn’t found me just yet, but maybe soon!

Then I focused on my photography.  I enlisted the help of my Etsy associates, some of whom are professional photographers in real life, and got to work.  I had great fun with that!  Yesterday’s overcast sky and our snow-covered surroundings made for a PERFECT picture day, absolutely perfect!  I was so happy with how the pictures were coming out that I think I ended up taking new photos of almost everything in my shop.  And I’m very pleased with the results.  (You can check it out if you’d like) 🙂

And most importantly, I’ve been praying.  “Lord, You know I’m running out of supplies, need a new blade for my rotary cutter, am low on lining fabric…oh yeah, did I mention I’ve got no more cool pockets to put on my bags and that I’ll probably need to visit Goodwill soon?”  As always, I hear Him ask, “Do you trust Me?”  “Yes, Lord.  I do trust You.  I’ll wait.  Help me be patient.  I really do know that Your timing and Your plans work best.”

So I wait.  Or, at least I try to wait.  I keep checking  my e-mail….too many times….for that ever elusive, “Congratulations on your Etsy sale!”  Please tell me you’ve been there, too!  It seems like I’m checking my in-box every 5 minutes.  Did I get an order yet?  How about now? Now?  Oh, come on!!!

Then, last night, just before heading to bed, I checked the e-mail again.  No sales.  But wait!  What’s this???

re: Biddeford Winter Farmer’s market

Hi Malaika,  You are invited to have a stall at the 1st Biddeford Winter Farmer’s Market this Saturday, 9 – 1.  Just confirm that you can come and I’ll send the details of loading in etc.

Thanks, Ann

What!?  What’s this?  Thank You, Lord!  I had sent in my information when I first heard about this, but I honestly didn’t think anything would come of it.  My items didn’t quite fit the characteristics of the types of crafts they were looking for.  Well, sort of, but it was a bit of a stretch….anyway….WOW!  This was better than an Etsy sale!  Face to face selling opportunity…I LOVE those!

Here I was, all week, just praying for someone to visit my on-line shop and place an order, and God was working something bigger.  I should have known!  That’s the way He works.  I LOVE the way He works!

So, I’m off.  I’ve got all sorts of little details that need to be attended to.  Did I mention I’ve got a booth at the Biddeford Winter Farmer’s Market this weekend? (happy dance!).  O.K., I’m done.  If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by. 

Be blessed!


You can read more about the Biddeford Winter Farmer’s Market on the Sun Chronicle website.


8 thoughts on “Not My Ways

  1. Yay for you! Don’t forget business cards you can put in the credit card section of the wallets you sell! I usually put a discount code on mine so people might be tempted to buy again. 🙂

    No sales for me, either, except for a pair of vintage Bean boots that I couldn’t fit my stupid little feet in to. Or not so little, rather. Hope peoples’ wallets start unfreezing soon!

  2. Congratulations and good luck at the market!

  3. Congratulations! God always has bigger plans for us than we could ever imagine! Be blessed.

  4. Congratulations! I hope it turns out really to be a good thing and you get lots of sales!

  5. Always have Faith because He will always come through for us!


  6. hmmmm….aren’t you the one who keeps reminding me that the things I have been praying for over the years will come to pass…in His time….according to His most perfect plan. Good luck on Saturday!

  7. Oooh, love the new photos – they are great! Glad God is blessing your ventures. :o)

  8. Congratulations! I hope you get several sales from this venture. Peace and blessings.

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