Checking In

Wow, guess it’s been a while since I’ve touched base here.  A lot’s been going on.  Let’s see….

– Spent another Saturday at the Winter Farmers Market…didn’t do as well this time, but that’s O.K.

– I made my 25th sale through Etsy (thanks, Casie!)

– Spent the day with a new friend, Shanna Tice,  from my Etsy Maine Team

– Had an amazingly successful home show to benefit the Hebert family’s adoption fund.  Check out their shop, Threads of Hope.

– Met hubby at the E.R. where he was being treated for a broken arm.  Guess he won’t be helping me cut fabric for a while! 🙂

– Had a really-bad-attitude week

– Wised up, prayed up, and cheered up!

– Got a bunch of new wallet clutches made and listed a couple, one in my Etsy shop, and one on my new shop in Zibbet.

– And, lastly, got caught up on a bunch of computer work, including this blog post.  YAY!

All I have to say is, God is so good, gracious, merciful, and patient, and thank goodness He is, ’cause I’ve been a wretch and He opened my eyes and blessed me to boot!

Next up, tons more sewing to get ready for a very busy April and May, starting with The BIG THAW, Urban Earth Day, the USM Craft Fair, a couple of smaller church/school craft fairs, and another home party.

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