And So It Goes…

Well, we finally got a beautiful weekend of weather here in Maine.  That’s great news for the gardeners, but not so great news for us crafters.  Let’s face it, who wants to spend their afternoon wandering around looking at arts and crafts when they could be outside soaking up the sun, planting a flower garden, or enjoying that first-of-the-season fresh-cut grass smell?

As you’ve probably gathered, the craft fair this weekend was not the smashing hit I had hoped it would be.  And that is by no means a reflection of the organizers, who, by the way, did an amazing job!  This was really a very well run, well planned craft fair, the best I’ve been to in my whole 6 months of experience.  But even the best plans, advertising, or organizers can’t make folks come to an indoor event on a gorgeous day.

That being said, the day was not a total loss.  I had some great conversations with neighboring vendors, some who have been on the crafting scene for a long time.  I got some great tips, enjoyed some fun company, and had plenty of time to do some browsing of my own…WOW, do we have some amazing crafts people or what?!

Setting up was probably the most fun because we actually got to drive the van INTO the building, unload, then drive out again.  I’ve never driven inside a building before, it was kinda fun…one of those things that you are given permission to do, but it still feels like you’re breaking the rules by doing it…and for a straight-laced gal like myself…well, let’s just say that the little rebel inside enjoyed the thrill, even if it was contrived. 🙂

After a lot of fixing, messing around, shifting, and general rearranging, I finally was ready…

It’s a humble display, I know…someday I’ll be able to afford an amazing set up.  But, considering the resources I had at my disposal, I’m content with it.  See, I’m even smiling!

So I didn’t make a million bucks this weekend…come to think of it, I may never make a million bucks…but I still had a great day.  Besides, there’s always the next fair, and the next, and the one after that, right?  Speaking of which…this upcoming Saturday I’m in Saco, at Trinity Episcopal church craft fair with my craft fair buddy, Maryann.  If you’re in the area, come check us out!

By the way…those crochet hook cases I made last week…well, I didn’t sell them at the fair, so they’re now listed in my shop.  Check it out!

3 thoughts on “And So It Goes…

  1. Awe! I know its so frustrating to do all that work of set up and take down and only break even…but I am finding the event itself is fun too 🙂 I am glad you still had a great time. I just wanted you to know that your set up looks amazing, and for using ready made items, you REALLY made them look so professional and inviting! It looks so good Malaika! Why waste money on ‘professional booth equipment’ when you have skills using what you have around the house?! Really nice work Malaika-

  2. I think your display is amazing. Besides, you are using recycled materials and your display only reflects your desire for creativity. I wouldn’t change a thing! Keep up the good work.

  3. handmedowndesigns

    Thanks, both of you, for your kinds words. I really have been trying to remember to be content with what I have…and you’re right, Deanna, re-purposing things to be used as display equiptment really does just underscore the whole creative and “hand-me-down” concept.

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