Quick and Easy Tissue Pouch


A friend of mine once said to me, “I didn’t know I needed a tissue pouch until I saw yours!”  This easy little project is a great addition to a hand-made gift and is perfect for a small project for those first learning to sew.  It’s small enough that it can be made from scraps of another project, so it’s easy to make it a coordinating accessory.

For this project you will need two pieces of cloth, an inner piece and an outer piece.  I like to make my outer piece from a solid color and my inner piece from a coordinating pattern.

All seams in this pattern are sewn at 1/4″.

Cut your rectangular pieces:

– inner piece 6″x7 1/2″

– outer piece 6″x6 1/4″

Place and stitch the shorter edge of the outer piece on top of the matching edge of the inner piece with right sides facing.

Now shift the inner piece down a bit so the opposite edges match up and stitch in place.

Once you’ve stitched those two edges, flip the entire piece inside out.  On the side with the outer piece showing, you’ll have a nice, finished edge made from your inner fabric, like this:

Next, with your outer piece on top, fold down the top finished edge 1 1/2 ” and pin in place.

Then, fold up the bottom finished edge 1 1/2″ and pin that in place.  And, yes, the two edges should overlap each other.

After you’ve got both edges pinned in place, stitch both short sides closed.

Almost finished!  Now, to give the inside a nice, finished look, go back and do a zigzag stitch right over the edge.  I like to do a broad, close stitch.

Turn the whole thing right side out making sure to push the corners out completely.  Fill your pouch with a package of purse-sized tissues and you’re finished!


Feel free to make these and give them away, or even sell them.  These little pouches are so easy and so much fun to make, who wouldn’t want to share?


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