What’s Going On!?

I just got my daughter out of bed (at 8:30 a.m., mind you), to help me carry ALL my materials down to the dining/living room where I work.  Then I moved our dining table to one side of the room to make space for my craft fair table which will very soon be converted to a work table.  I’ve got piles of denim and corduroy dominating our space and am getting ready to settle in for a good long haul of cutting and prep work.

Why these extreme measures, you ask?  PICNIC!

O.K., not the kind where you lay a checkered blanket on the grass and open up your loaded wicker basket filled with goodies.  No, this Picnic will be soooo much more fun, and hectic:

A friend of mine and I will be sharing a booth at this amazing summer festival, and it’s only two weeks away.  Hence the upheaval of all things normal in our household…I’ve got a bunch of inventory I need to replenish in time for the event.  Fun, fun, fun!

That being said, I’m trying to cut back on my computer time for a little while (this machine eats up gads and gads of my time!  It’s like a time-sucking vortex (TSV)!).  So, my dear, faithful readers, I am not ignoring you, I promise.  I’m just going into super production mode.  I’ll be back before you know it!

By the way, I made Angel’s artichoke chicken recipe for the fam this week (see the comments section of Confessions of a Less-than-excellent Wife).  DELICIOUS! Even hubby loved it and said it was repeat-worthy!  Thanks, Angel!

Gotta go….can you hear that slurping sound?  It’s my morning being sucked away into the TSV!

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