Madly Making Mustaches

Just wanted to pop in quickly to say “hi,” and give you a quick mustache update.

I ended up making two mustache wallets last week.  I listed them in my shop, and within four days they were sold!  My dear hubby’s comment to that…”Make more!”  So I am…making mustaches like mad :-{) Here’s a peek at the newest addition:

The Lumberjack Mustache

And the Etsy Maine Team is ‘staching like mad, too.  I’m dying to give you a peek, but you’ll just have to wait until the first week of October when we bring the challenge to a close.  I will tell you, though, we’ve got some fantastically creative minds here in Maine!

Now, to quote a colleague, “I mustache!”

Have a blessed day!



2 thoughts on “Madly Making Mustaches

  1. That’s too cute! You are soon to be the Mustache Queen!

    Wait, on second thought, that sounds a little weird. But it IS cute! 🙂

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