Boot Camp

O.K., not military boot camp, Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp.

Seeing as this is my first full holiday season as an Etsy seller, I decided I could use some help.  And Etsy so kindly offers this rigorous holiday program they call Boot Camp.  The name is a little intimidating, but I think I could use a good kick-in-the-pants type of motivation.

One of the first things I had to do was find a boot camp buddy…I’ve been blessed with three!  I’ll share more about them and their shops as the season progresses, but let me just say, these gals are going to be a wealth of info and encouragement, I just know it!  Hopefully I’ll be able to be the same for them.

The next thing I had to do was outline some goals for myself, and since I took the time to think about them and write them down, I’ve decided to share them with you.  And you are welcome at any time to check in and see if I’m keeping on track of not!

Goal #1 – Make 50 Etsy sales between October 1st and December 16th in addition to my craft fair and private sales.

Goal #2 –  Build meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with my boot camp buddies.

Goal #3 – Stay on track with the plan without getting distracted by purposeless time wasters (like checking Etsy and my e-mail about 30 times a day!).

Goal #4 – To have a successful craft fair season at the same time as achieving my Etsy sales goal.

Goal #5 – Accomplish goals 1 through 4 without losing my sanity or letting home and family fall into shambles!

So, there you have it.  Big goals, but I think they’re attainable.  I’m hoping you’ll come along side me on this journey.  At very least, we can laugh together about how crazy I might be, right?

Until next time,




2 thoughts on “Boot Camp

  1. So happy to join you on this journey through Boot Camp! And so ready reach those goals … and to laugh too! 😀

  2. Oh boy, I’m tired just hearing about all that! I’d be happy if I sold just one thing on Etsy before Christmas. But then I’m still an Etsy baby. You go, girl! 🙂

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