The Maine Mustache Challenge

Earlier in September I discovered beards and mustaches on Etsy.  I also discovered that very few Maine artists and craftsmen had expressed themselves using this facial hair fetish.  So I issued a challenge to our Etsy Maine Team members, to show the world what Mainers could do with mustaches!  We had so much fun coming up with ideas, sharing our items, and cheering each other on, and, now that the challenge has been completed, it’s time to share with you, dear reader, the results of our mustache “mainia”!

May I present:

‘Maine Mustache Challenge’ by HandMeDownDesignsME

Mustache Gray and Black Stri…




Mustache Matryoshka Dolls, S…


Copper Mustache Brooch Pin -…


Mustache Embroidery Hoop Wal…


Incredibly Posh Stuffed Owl …


Mustache Lobster ornament wo…


Mens necktie bowler hat guy …


Pocket Mirror – Mustache Mad…


Lumberjack mustache wallet f…


mustache snowman ornament wo…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Sorry for any blank spots you may see.  Apparently mustaches really are in, and our items are selling!  Some of us have even re-listed more than once!

As a final fling to our team challenge, I asked team members to vote on what their most favorite  mustache item was.  Everyone who voted said they really had a hard time choosing, but, after all the counts were in, the holder of the title Maine’s Most Marvelous Mustache is…..Rain Harbison with her Mustache Matryoshka Dolls!  Congrats, Rain!  (Those were my personal favorite, but, truly, your dolls did get the most votes) 🙂

I wonder what we’ll come up with next!?



2 thoughts on “The Maine Mustache Challenge

  1. Congrats Rain! And thanks again Malaika for creating and running this challenge for the Etsy Maine Team. What an awesome, creative group.

  2. Yay! That was a great challenge. Very challenging 🙂 Thanks everyone!

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