Earring Fetish

I’m a pretty simple gal.  No frills, no fuss.  Usually.  But when I opened up the package containing these delightful dangles that I had ordered from Rough Magic Creations, I realized that I’m starting to develop a taste for fancy ear-wear.  And it all started when I joined Etsy.

One of my very first Etsy purchases came from All Strung Out.  Just a little pre-Christmas present for myself:

I love the little dangling leaf, just a little bit of elegance.

The next pair I bought was actually a birthday present for my daughter.  I got her this sweet set from Sweet Sincerity.

Purple is my daughter’s favorite color, and I got a special gift with my purchase for being the shop’s 10th sale!

It was a few months before I ordered another pair of earrings, but when I saw this pair in a shop called Constant Galore, I just couldn’t resist.

Made from really pennies and coated with this lovely turquoise blue, they are a really fun pair to wear!

A couple of weeks later I noticed that Sweet Sincerity was doing a special give away for the 100th sale, and since I had been her tenth order, it felt only natural to be her 100th, so I ordered these lovelies:

And as my special prize, I got these for free!

Both pairs were perfect accents to my summer wardrobe.

And then there are  a couple of pair I got from my good friend, Shanna Tice.  I don’t have pictures of the exact pairs I have, but one pair is just like this except in pale blue.

Shanna designs and crochets her jewelry.  She also has some pretty amazing crochet winter-wear.  You’ve got to check out her shop!

And the really neat thing, is that all these shop owners are fellow Mainers!  Gotta love the whole “shop local” thing!  Anyway, each of these shops have such a distinct style, and all off them do phenomenal work!


4 thoughts on “Earring Fetish

  1. Yes! “Shop local” is such a wonderful concept – especially when “local” means Maine! I’m thrilled and honored to see my earrings up there with all your gorgeous goodies from fellow team members! Thank you!!!!

  2. I did not realize you were such an earring fiend! I should start making earrings just to have a guaranteed customer!

    Oddly though, earrings are the one type of jewelry I’m not all that interested in, personally. I think I last changed mine about fifteen years ago. 🙂

  3. […] the way, if you like my earrings (I did a post featuring them a little while ago), you can see more at Sweet Sincerity. Share […]

  4. I love love love this post! I am a huge earring fiend myself! Great selection M!

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