Today Is The Day

Photo courtesy of DabHands, a fellow Etsy Maine Teamer

I’ve got some scriptures rolling around in my head this morning, and they are so appropriate for, well, anybody, wherever you’re at in life, that I thought I’d share what the Lord is impressing on me today.

The first is Psalm 118:24 and the second is an entire passage from Matthew 6:19-34.  I’ll let you look them up for yourself, but there’s a Christian musician out there, can’t remember who it is, who sings a song with a chorus that sums them both up so well (if you know who the artist is, will you let me know?  I just can’t think of it right now):

“This is the day that You have made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.  I won’t worry ’bout tomorrow; I’m trusting in what You say.  Today is the day!”

That being said, I’m outta here.  I’ve got the Lord’s day to live.  Peace!


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