My Best Ever Hair Day

If having good hair makes for a good day, then today is going to be a great one!

This morning as I was browsing through my e-mail, I found a link to an amazing blog called The Small Things Blog.  The blogger, Kate, is a hair stylist, and one of the things she shares in her blog is… how to do your hair!  O.K., so what is so exciting to me about this is that she has made videos of herself actually doing these hairstyles on herself, so that the average jane like myself can really see how to do my own hair.

Now, I have to tell you…I have NEVER EVER been able to do a decent messy bun.  Never.  Ask my daughter!  But after watching Kate’s Messy Ponytail/bun video, well, I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

I’m so excited!  I love it!  And my darling photographer daughter thought it was so nice that she pronounced me “photo-worthy” and volunteered to do a photo shoot!  She’s so talented…I love these pics that she took:

And, while I’m showing off my daughter’s beautiful photography, I’ll take a moment to put in a plug.  You can see more of Sara’s work on her Facebook page, Beyond the Lens.

Thanks for the great hair day, Kate!

By the way, if you like my earrings (I did a post featuring them a little while ago), you can see more at Sweet Sincerity.


6 thoughts on “My Best Ever Hair Day

  1. Nice post, beautiful pics! ♥

  2. Great hair day indeed, Malaika. I love your messy bun! And your daughter really does very nice portraits. The soft light she captures is very flattering.

  3. LOVELY! The pictures are fabulous, your hair looks fantastic, and YOU MAKE THOSE EARRINGS LOOK WONDERFUL!!!!! I liked your daughter’s FB page too! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this blog post with everyone! 🙂

  4. Love the photos and the hair! Does she mention how to make cinnamon buns too? I LOVE those. 🙂

  5. Malaika, you (and your bun) are gorgeous! Great pics, especially the one w/you and your daughter! Yes, a good hair day is most definitely blog worthy!

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