Cute Stuff Sale!

I’m SOOOO excited!  Hand-Me-Down Designs is going to be part of a super fun, fast paced, Facebook sale this Saturday, the 19th!

It all started with a message from one of my Etsy friends…basically, she knew of this on-line selling event that was looking for cool men’s stuff and immediately thought of my mustache wallets (they’ve been selling on Etsy like snow cones in the middle of July).  She encouraged me to contact the blogger who was hosting this event, and when I did, I heard back from her almost immediately… “Love your Etsy shop, and you are absolutely welcome to join!”  So now I’m rushing like a mad woman to pump out enough mustache wallets to offer at the sale and still keep my shop stocked.

Anyway, back to the Cute Stuff Sale…this sounds like so much fun, I may come and just watch the mayhem!  I hope you’ll join us for the sale at NiceGirlNotes Facebook page from 8 – 11 p.m. EST this Saturday.  You can find out all the “deets,” as Roo puts it, from her “Get Yo’ Christmas On” post.  Check it out.  Her blog, {NiceGirlNotes}, is pretty amazing, too!

Gotta go…I’ve got some ‘staching to do!

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