I Really Hate Homework!

courtesy of DBArtist

I love this picture!  I’m a big Dr. Who fan, and when I saw this print, I knew it was the perfect one for my post today.

Speaking of which…homework.  I hate homework.  I was so glad when I finished school and didn’t have to do any more.  Of course, then we decided to homeschool our kids.  Let’s just say, they weren’t the only ones doing homework…but I kinda liked that work, learning to teach…I did like that!

But the homework connected to being successful in Etsy-world…I haven’t fallen in love with that yet.  I think I’d be better at it if someone gave me a specific assignment with clearly defined guidelines and expectations.  Ah, but this blog is based in reality, and real life doesn’t work that way, does it?

Well, this morning I was reading an article on Handmadeology.com about marketing outside of Etsy-world (it had some good points, you might want to give it a read), and I realized that I’ve been putting off my homework for too long.

My assignment: Find and connect with other on-line communities who might be interested in purchasing my products.

My excuses:

  • That means more time on the computerthat can’t-live-with-it-can’t-live-without-it, time-sucking black hole of technology.
  • That means I have to invest in building relationships…almost as scary as getting a tooth pulled.
  • That also means I have to spend some time thinking about what types of people might use my products
  • AND figure out where to find above mentioned people….I haven’t even met most of my neighbors yet, what makes me think I’ll be able to meet relevant folks on-line?

My admonition to myself:

Put on your big-girl pants and JUST DO IT!

Wow, I sound kinda mean…

Anyway, I was hoping some of you might be willing to be my homework buddies.  I’ve got some general ideas of where to look…like cooking sites where people might like my NomMon (TM) stuff, or mommy sites with folks who might like my kids items, but I don’t know any good specific sites to connect with.  Do you have any suggestions?

And what about my mustache wallets?  Where in the world (or the world-wide web) would I go to connect with people who might like those?

Hmm, I wonder…does anyone know where I can get an Etsy tutor?

Uggh…off to do my homework!


4 thoughts on “I Really Hate Homework!

  1. You have a really nice blog! I don’t have homework, but I do have a lot of other things pulling me in all different directions when all I want to do is surf the internet and play on Pinterest! Gotta go get some ‘real’ world chores done now!

  2. […] you’ve been following me, you might remember last week when I wrote about making on-line connections with people who might be interested in my […]

  3. adorablebanner

    I try to think about this too for my products. I have to be careful not to only connect with crafty people, which is my area of interest, because those people are just going to make the items I sell instead of buying them from me! I need people who are too busy or don’t own a sewing machine!!
    I have some thoughts about the mustache wallets. I think this item is for a young male, hip, a little non traditional in a traditional way. You said in your post that you love Dr Who. maybe that is an area you would enjoy chatting/meeting/discussing but it also sounds like your market???? Another thought I had was that probably girls buy these for their boyfriends, young women, high school, college, young professional women. A young friend of mine keeps up with the Glitter Guide so I follow it too just to keep up with what that age group is talking about. You might be able to find links to other style blogs from that one???
    Keep brainstorming!

    • Thanks for the tips, Trixie! I hadn’t thought about the Dr. Who market…and you’re spot on about the girls buying the wallets for their male friends, my Christmas sales can vouch for that! I’ll have to check out the Glitter Guide, too.

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