How’s Your Team Spirit?

Courtesy of SheenaEsque

I’m not big into sports, but I do love my teams…Etsy Maine Team, CAST, Etsy Success, Handmadeology, just to name a few.

O.K., it’s not the same as a sports team, but Etsy teams really are great.  Why?  Two words…support, and community.

When I first joined Etsy I had no idea what I was doing.  Sure, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to sign up for a shop, upload a few photos, and post a listing.  But getting that listing found, making it look good, figuring out the extra details of navigating Etsy-world…that I needed help with.  Where did I turn?

Etsy teams.

Not only is Etsy a great marketplace, but it has a really fantastic community, too.  You can find a team for just about anything you can imagine, and if there isn’t one that fits what you’re look for, you can start your own!

The very first team I joined was Etsian Newbie, created especially for us newbies!  I learned a lot from that group.  We were all starting up and all had the same questions, so, when we asked them, there was always someone who had just figured out the answer, or, if not, someone who was willing to find it.

My very most favorite team was, and still is, my Etsy Maine Team.  Being from Maine, I wanted to connect with other Etsy folks who I might actually have the opportunity to meet in person.  We’ve got a great discussion thread where we just chat and get to know each other for real, and then there are other threads where we share resources and information with each other…like where the next craft fair is, or the inside scoop on a new boutique that’s opening up down town and is looking for vendors.  We even do a Secret Santa gift swap at Christmas!  These folks have become my Etsy family, a place where I can go and vent, or celebrate, or just plain ‘hang out’ with.

We’re also really great about giving each other’s new items lots of “love,” or giving each other the heads up when one of us finds out about a change coming to Etsy, or….you get the picture.  Support and community.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Etsy-world is a BIG place, and it can get pretty lonely and discouraging if you’re trying to go it alone.  Take the plunge, find a team that fits your needs, and jump in!  And don’t just be a bump on a log, or a fly on the wall, participate…join conversations, share your thoughts, encourage another seller who’s struggling.  Support your team, and they are sure to support you back!

Go, team, go!


10 thoughts on “How’s Your Team Spirit?

  1. Well said! And so very true!!! Go Team! 😀

  2. Great advice & I agree, as many Etsy teams there are, it is special when you can find a team within your area to meet with in person.

  3. Oh, you just reminded me to do this! All this time … ok, I’ll start looking for a team! Thanks!

  4. Teams are a great way to network with other Etsy sellers, and by promoting one another, one usually gets a lot more self-promotion in the end than those just do the “post-and-run” types of promotion. Some of my favorite Etsy teams hold challenge competitions, get together to craft fairs, and recommend the crap out of one anthers’ shops one each other’s social networks. Not all teams are created equal, but I’ve found some of which I thought were a drag, could easily be lifted up with just a handful of quality participants. Teamwork is infectious, especially when the benefits start to show themselves. Then it is addicting!

    • I have definitely found that to my be experience! Our Maine team has been responsible for several craft fairs in the past couple of years, and I know for a fact that we recommend each other to potential customers. Some of our team even collaborate with one another on products…
      I’d say that’s well worth the time invested in connecting!
      Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts, Megan!

  5. […] Malaika from HMD Designs wrote a great blog post on her Etsy in Real Life blog about her experience wth Etsy Teams. Check it out here. […]

  6. Great post. Those that haven’t joined a team are missing out.

  7. Thank you for this info. I’m a definite ESTY newbie and need all the tips I can get.

    Small House / Big Sky Donna

    • Hi Donna, and welcome!

      The best tip I can give you with Etsy is, stick with it, even if it doesn’t look like you’re making any headway…patient persistence is really what it takes. Learn as much as you can, stay connected, and don’t give up!

      I’d love to visit your shop, will you leave the link?

  8. […] Caren and I first met this past December when our Etsy Maine Team was having our annual Secret Santa gift swap.  This year I was in charge of collecting all the […]

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