Addicted to Stats

Hi, my name is Malaika, and I’m a stats-a-holic.

Give me a shout out if you know what I’m talking about…that nagging feeling that your page views might have gone up by 1 in the past 30 seconds…really ought to check…really should start cooking dinner…one more peek at the stats page won’t hurt…just a quick peek…glued to the computer screen while hungry offspring rummage through the cupboards…

O.K., in reality, I never got that bad, but boy oh boy…I’ll admit, some days I’m really close!

Not that there’s anything wrong with stats and being aware of what your numbers are.  In fact, it’s just plain good business sense to keep an eye on them.  But, before I share some of my favorite stats collectors, I must warn you…


There, now you’re warned.  Let’s move on.

If you’ve got an Etsy shop, then you already know about your “shop stats” page.  I love checking this…my favorite part is seeing what keywords people used that brought them to my shop or item.  This is a great help in seeing which of your tags are actually doing their job…and which ones aren’t.  (I used to use the tag “recycled” in any of my items that were made from used clothing but noticed that I almost never see that word bringing folks in, so, if I need the extra space for a better tag, I just drop “recycled” completely and don’t lose any sleep over it).

The Etsy stats page is full of great info which I won’t go into the meaning of today, because my purpose is to share some other stats collecting spots with you.

Etsy didn’t start offering the shop stats page until mid summer of 2011.  Before that, I gathered my numbers from other sites.  I still like to check these other resources from time to time, because, coupled with the Etsy stats, I find that I get a more complete “big picture”…and some of them are just really cool to look at, like this one:

This stats site is called Craftopolis, and what I love about this site is how it collects my information from my Etsy shop and my Google Analytics (which collects other information from my Etsy shop), and puts it all together in this great visual.  And you know how much we creative types love visuals!

Of course, in order for Craftopolis to work properly, you’ve got to have a Google Analytics account set up and running.  This site collects TONS of information and puts it all together in a bunch of different charts, graphs, and lists.  If you like pie charts and line graphs, you’ll love this site!  Personally, it’s a little more detailed and technical than I have found need for yet, but it is very comprehensive.  It even tells you all the different parts of the world your site has received hits from.

Cool, huh!?

Teaching you how to set up each of these apps for your shop would take a little more time than I’ve got in this post, but let me encourage you, if you’re interested, give it a try, because, hey, if I can figure it you, then I’m pretty sure you can, too.  (Wanna know a little secret?  I didn’t figure this stuff out on my own…I learned it from another blog…good stuff).

Or maybe you’d better leave well enough alone…especially if you have one of those addictive personalities.  Hmmm, maybe I ought to put a disclaimer here about “use at your own risk.”

But seriously, if you’re looking for information, it’s out there, and there are lots of other great number tabulating sites just waiting for you to ask them to help you count your beans!  Have fun, learn lots, and don’t forget to feed the kids!

12 thoughts on “Addicted to Stats

  1. Hmmm, sounds like you were writing about me 🙂 (excuse me while I go “refresh” my Stats button)
    Okay, I’m back now… I think Etsy should have a disclaimer about possible addiction issues that you may face as an Etisian or at the very least some sort of 10 step program that they can refer people like us to. 🙂

    Another great post I can relate to Malaika! Now, off to “refresh” stats again…

    ~ Caren Smith

  2. I love finding out which countries are looking at my stuff or reading my blog. Apparently Australia ♥’s me, followed close by Portugal. Who would’ve guessed? lol

  3. This made me laugh! I’m not a huge stats checker ~ tbh, I’ve checked them but I’ve never really thought they were very trustworthy. Perhaps I’m too suspicious for my own good?!? I could probably learn something if I did actually check them, but I’m not good with numbers!

    • I’m sad to say that I had a spell where I checked those stupid numbers WAY too much! I’m getting better now….at least until I started this blog… 🙂

      BTW…I LOVE your blog!

  4. Oh boy! I love craftopolis! I have discovered that if you stay away for a few days at a time, you don’t get too addicted. It is nice to see how you’re doing though.

  5. Have to confess that I’m a statsphobe! Rarely do I check anything Maybe that’s why I don’t get as many views at others, but am getting sufficient sales to keep me busy (with a disabled husband to look after, I don’t need too many!)

    Now I’m going to follow you (if blogger will allow me to do you via wordpress) and maybe I’ll then get the hang of stats and tags! They’re a mystery to me!!

    In the interim, having found you on the Etsy blog site, maybe you’d like to follow my blog at where I post about the toys i make, mend and otherwise create. Look forward to seeing you there, learning more about the stats business and then who knows!

    • Thanks for visiting, Isobel! I checked out your shops and blog…what fun!

      Oh, and if you do want to subscribe, you can do so through e-mail, even without a WordPress account. There should be link to do that on my side bar.


  6. Watching those stats can quickly eat up a lot of time! I was doing it for a while myself then I realized I wasn’t getting anything accomplished. Now I do check Craftopolis and my blog stats about once every couple of days.

  7. hahaha are you talking about me 🙂 I think all of those re really useful working tools, they give me some interesting information!

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