It All Starts With a Dream

Courtesy of Fired Up Ladies

Thanks to all of you who commented on yesterday’s post.  You sharing your blessings brought a smile to my face and heart all day!

I was reading a great blog post yesterday, put out by Tim of Etsypreneur, about attitudes of success.  One of the points he made was that it’s really helpful to be able to visualize your goals….in other words, daydream a bit.

That got me thinking about what my dreams for HMDDesigns are.

Hmm….what are my dreams?

When I first started, back in the autumn of 2010, this was my goal:

To have enough product to fill my half of a craft table at two holiday craft fairs.

Not surprisingly, that goal was not to hard to meet.  Not only did I accomplish that goal, but I also ended up doing several hundred dollars worth of special orders for friends looking for Christmas presents.

My next goal was this:

Figuring out how to set up shop on Etsy and seeing if ANYONE would find me or even WANT to buy my stuff.

Then my goal was:

Oops!  How did that get in there!????

I mean this:

I’ve met these goals, too…umm, but not the square dancing super star…that was just a phase (but it made for really fun date nights!).

And my current goals are…

Well, I’m still working on those, I guess.  I’d love to hit the 500 Etsy-sales mark by the end of this year, 2012.  I’d love to get my items into some local boutiques (I’m already renting booth space at The Merchant Company in Portland).  And I’m experimenting with offering home parties…check out the cool invitation post card I made up for my hostesses to send out to their guests:

I feel like my 2012 goals aren’t as specific as they should be, but like I said…still working on that!

Take a minute and daydream…and then maybe share with us….what are some of your goal/dreams?  ‘Cause that’s where it all starts, right?

With a dream…


20 thoughts on “It All Starts With a Dream

  1. Beautiful work! Love it: )

  2. I decided this year to really step it up, add more items to my shops, spend more time on Etsy promoting and encouraging other sellers. I tried the craft shows and boutiques and did not like that avenue at all. I am loving spending more time on Etsy and just trudging along! Love your post and the one yesterday! I hope you meet all your goals!

    • I hear you about the craft fairs, AnnMarie. They are a lot of work. I enjoyed them, but I’m not intending to do anywhere near as many this year. I think I ended up doing 16 last year! Whew!

  3. I would love to get like, ANYBODY to buy stuff from me on Etsy. Mostly I’ve been selling to friends and family so far, which is fine, but there are only so many of them. Oh well, I’ll keep trying! People who see my work in person happily buy it! 🙂

  4. What an exciting beginning for you. It sounds like you made realistic goals and put the energy and hard work in play to make them real.

    My goal is not so much monetary success although that would be all right! 🙂 It is hard to put into words – maybe to continue enjoying the experience of learning a lot about selling, photographing, social media. We’ll see where it goes from here. . .

  5. It is a wonderful feeling to have your dreams come true. Your hand-made bags are great! Here’s to many years of fulfilled dreams.

    • Thanks so much, Sandy!

      You’ve got some beautiful quilts in your shop! And I love your kitty! I’ve got one of my own who looks just like yours…so lovable! 🙂


  6. You really need to keep your goals in focus!

  7. Congrats on meeting your goals and setting new ones! I think your stuff is beautiful! Good luck and much success going forward. I love that your blog is “real”!

  8. Great post! (Love the square dancing pic lol). Thanks for sharing… goals ARE super-important. Glad you’re meeting yours!

  9. So happy for you that you know where you want to go with your business! Congratulations on meeting them so far. Love the square dancing picture too. cute!

  10. Congrats on your success! Your goals look perfect: challenging AND realistic!

  11. i’ve been following you for a bit now (does that sound really weird?) but your series of posts about the business side of etsy has really inspired me to look a little deeper at my own shop. so in honor of the etsy success symposium i posted today and linked to your blog to share the love. don’t get too excited though, i’m not one of those blogs with hundreds of followers. 🙂 (i wish) but every little bit helps too, right? best wishes, lisa

    • Lisa, I’m at a loss for words….(not good news for a blogger!)….

      I’m am honored, and blessed that my humble offerings have spoken to you. I’m so grateful that you not only take the time to read my posts, but have chosen to share.

      You’ve got a lovely blog of your own! Keep at it!

      p.s. Most of my ‘followers’ come from my Facebook and Twitter connections…Wordpress connects with those two sites and imports any followers I have there. I would think Blogger has a similar feature….it might be worth looking into if you have Facebook and Twitter because it expands your audience and exposure.

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