HELP! The Computer Just Ate My Brain!

Uggh!  I have just successfully spend the majority of my day on the computer…and I feel like something has eaten all my brains!  I just headed to the dryer with the chicken I’m roasting for dinner…

Have you ever had days like that?  Please tell me I’m not the only one.  Do you think it could be possible that zombies have found a way to utilize the internet to slowly suck away our gray matter, one little megabyte at a time so we won’t notice until it’s too late?

Seriously, though…my brain does feel like mush.

I’ve been working hard to figure out how the whole use-the-internet/blog-to-build-your-business thing works.  It feels like I’ve been at it for decades….it’s really only been a few weeks.  I can’t decide if I’m getting anywhere or not, but I CAN tell you, it’s time for a break.  At least a mini one.

I’m taking advantage of the ‘schedule publishing’ feature and writing this post early so that tomorrow (which will be today for you, dear reader) I can attempt to avoid being sucked into the black abyss of cyberspace….or at least delay the inevitable.  I promise not to stay away too long (I’ll be back tomorrow, unless tomorrow is the end of the world, but everybody is expecting that won’t happen ’til December, so we should be safe).

And then tomorrow, we can chat about what we did on our mini break.  Deal?

9 thoughts on “HELP! The Computer Just Ate My Brain!

  1. Great Post Malaika! I totally get being sucked into the computer. It happens to me more times than not….I am also trying to figure out this internet/blog business….. Have a great mini break!

    • Um…yeah, not doing so well on the mini break…that’s what I get for starting a new website the night before I plan on relaxing!

      But this afternoon, for sure…off to spend some quality time with my sewing machine. 🙂

  2. Yep, those zombies live in my computer, too. They seem to attack the most when I get on Pinterest and then I end up wasting a couple of hours.

    • Oh…Pinterest is badddd! Ugh, talk about “thou shall not covet!” Sooo many cute things. Oh well, we can dream, right!?

  3. Hey, I think those Zombies are attacking my computer too! I am not as fast as you in getting up my web site but I have a blog at blogspot and need to figure out how to move it over when I do get my website up and running.
    I haven’t started Pinterest yet but it is on my to do list. My blog is at
    So I am off to work on getting a website up!

    • LOL! Zombies…I never thought I’d write about zombies 🙂

      Love your family pictures! You’re doing great!

  4. Ha, that sounds entirely possible! Damn those zombies.

  5. So… that’s what that gnawing feeling in your head is…

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