The Mouse and the Sea Turtle

Courtesy of Broken Wings Creations

Have you ever read the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?  It starts out with a little boy befriending a hungry little mouse and offering him a cookie.  Of course, we all know that if you have cookies, you’ll need a glass of milk, right?  So then comes a glass of milk, which leads to needing to wash his face, which leads to him realizing he needs a hair cut, which leads too…

You get the picture.

That’s what my life feels like these days.  Addressing one issue, only to be distracted  by something else that comes up and needs my attention, so that by the end of the day I’m dog tired and feel like I’ve been running in circles, only to find that I’ve accomplished exactly….well not much of consequence.

I was sitting in my favorite quite spot this morning drinking my coffee and spending a little time trying to pray and read my bible, when a scene from the movie Finding Nemo came to mind.  Do you remember the scene right after Dory and Marlin swim through all those jellyfish and end up passing out?  The one where we see Marlin waking up to the warm, surfer-dude voice of Crush, the sea turtle, nudging him back to consciousness?

“Dude…duuude…focus dude.” 

Wow…I feel like Crush is talking to me!

I didn’t really realize it until today, but that’s what’s missing recently.  Focus.  A goal, fixed in mind.  A direction to journey in.  That and some self-control to help me avoid those distractions along the way that try to draw me off the path I’m on.

I think I’m going to go back to my quite spot to spend a little time determining where I need to be headed today….maybe I’ll actually get somewhere!

Focus, Dude.

8 thoughts on “The Mouse and the Sea Turtle

  1. I think more often then not we need a little extra focus. Great post!

  2. Focus and start the day early!

  3. Love this post!!! Focus!

  4. I’ve been having problems focusing as well. I need lists to keep me on track!

  5. I try and start my day everyday focusing! I use lists constantly….crossing out and rewriting my to-do’s. I even have to put things like “granddaughters birthday tonight” on the list! Scary. Thank you for the post….maybe it is just a matter of FOCUS.

  6. This is me!! Thank you for this!

  7. Great post…as will everyone else I have that same focusing problem. I do lots of lists too.

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