It’s A Small World

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I LOVE getting that e-mail that says, “Congratulations on your Etsy sale,” and it’s especially fun when that order is being shipped to another country.

I didn’t used to feel that way, though.

When I first opened up my shop on Etsy the whole shipping thing really made me nervous.  It was overwhelming at first, I remember well.  So, to make my life easier, I decided to only list domestic shipping rates.

Then I started reading seller tips about how important it is to offer international shipping.  I didn’t think about it much until I heard it mentioned that if I don’t have international shipping listed on my items, they don’t show up in searches by customers in other countries.  I haven’t verified whether that’s actually true or not, but it got me thinking…if my stuff is only being found by folks in the U.S., then I’m missing out on a HUGE group of potential customers.

But figuring out international shipping seemd even more intimidating than figuring out domestic shipping….where do I even start???

I started in the Etsy Seller Handbook.  They’ve got all sorts of great articles ranging from general shipping information to specifics on handling international shipping, and pretty much everything in between. While I was rummaging around there, I found this shipping rates chart on which was a big help for deciding how much to list for shipping rates.

I did my homework, bought a digital postage scale ( has good deals), tweaked my rates and policies, and opened my shop up to the world.

Wanna know the really neat thing?

Once I added international shipping to my items, I started getting international orders pretty regularly!  I’ve sort of started a little game…I’m trying to see how many countries I can “collect” orders from.  I told my kids I want a huge wall map of the world for Mother’s Day so I can hang it up and put a pin in all the countries that I’ve shipped to.  Not sure if they’ll come through with that one…we’ll see!  (I’m also “collecting” states in the U.S., but I’ll need a different map for that :-)).

If you’re not already offering international shipping, I really encourage you to go for it!  It does mean doing a little homework, taking the time to read the articles in the Etsy seller handbook, looking up the links they suggest, but I promise… it’ll be well worth the effort to open up your potential customer base.

There are a lot of shoppers out there in the world, and it really isn’t such a big place after all!


7 thoughts on “It’s A Small World

  1. I did not list internationally at first but once someone overseas wanted to buy from me I’ve started listing international shipping rates. I haven’t had too many international buyers but I do agree it does open up a much wider base for buyers.

  2. so funny that I am on hold right now with the mail recovery center of the USPS for a package I mailed to Australia January 17th that was never received…..not too much luck with international right now but I do offer it. I don’t list rates, I just ask them to inquire about the rate and they do! I’ll keep plugging away! Going to check the Etsy handbook…..

    • I used to do the same thing, AnnMarie. All my listings used to say, “I’m happy to ship internationally, please contact me for shipping costs.”

      The problem doing it that way is that there is no value in your shipping fields for international shipping. This is what the Etsy search engines look for when internationals do searches. If you’ve got no international shipping options, you don’t show up on their searches. At least, that’s the way I understood it.

      I didn’t believe it at first, because I WAS getting a small handful of international orders. Then I realized that the way those people were finding my items was only through other people’s favorites or circles. When I added international to my shipping fields, I saw a huge jump in international views AND orders.

  3. As a Canadian, I appreciate (and almost expect?!) US sellers to offer shipping to Canada.
    Thanks for including us:)

    • LOL…I have to chuckle at the reference to Canada. Funny enough, there are more than a handful of U.S. folks who think that Maine IS part of Canada! 🙂

  4. Hey, I’d be happy if somebody bought ANYTHING from my Etsy shop! I’m not picky! 🙂

  5. […] plan for growing my Etsy shop.  I’ve been tweaking my titles and tags, making sure I can be found internationally, scrutinizing my photography, purging the old and focusing on the new…now it’s time to […]

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