Time to Buckle Down

Courtesy of Trinkets to Treasures

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m in the middle of working on my game plan for growing my Etsy shop.  I’ve been tweaking my titles and tags, making sure I can be found internationally, scrutinizing my photography, purging the old and focusing on the new…now it’s time to figure out a workable plan to get where I’m going.

I’ve been working my way through a business plan that’s helping me to get a concrete idea of my goals so that I can figure out how to achieve them…that’s all well and good, and I’ll probably share that process another time…but what has helped me the most was a visit with a friend the other day.

If you’re like me, your “real life” peeps don’t really ‘get’ the whole Etsy thing or what your driving passion for it is.  Oh, they may love you, and be your biggest fans, but they don’t relate.  It’s kinda like asking me to be passionate about the New York Stock Exchange.  I know what it is, I understand it’s importance, but I just can’t get excited about it ’cause not my thing.

That’s where my real life Etsy friends come in…especially the ones I can get together with face to face and talk shop.  I got to do that with my friend, Shanna, the other day.  (She’ll probably end up in a Monday Maine-ia post sometime…her shop is great!).  We both started our Etsy shops at about the same time, we both have very similar aspirations for our businesses, and we both are at about the same level of business right now.  Not surprisingly, our game plans are nearly identical as well…we’re not copying each other…really…that’s just the way it is.

Sitting outside together in the lovely, warm, spring-time fresh air the other day, we decided on two things, number one…we’re only going to invest our time in one or two specific and historically profitable craft fairs this year, and number two…this one’s the biggie…we’re going to try to have at least 100 items listed in our shops by the end of the summer.

One of the things we keep hearing the Etsy gurus tell us is that the more items in our shops, the better our chances of being found in a search.  Makes sense, right?  We did some research into the top Etsy shops in our particular categories (with the help of this great site,  http://craftcount.com), and one thing they all had in common was a minimum of 5 pages of listings!

Shanna and I looked at each other…neither of us have listed beyond two pages worth.  Time to GET TO WORK!

Let’s see….as of this moment I have 40 items listed…100 minus 40…60.  O.K., 60 items in 4 months, that’s doable….oh, wait…Mr. EiRL keeps telling me, over and over again, “It’s a good idea to have several of each item in stock so that you don’t have to scramble to make a new one every time you sell something.”

Hmm…don’t tell him I said this, but he’s right, you know.

So, 60 types of items times, let’s say 3…180.  Wow, that’s a big number!  O.K., four months with about 20 working days each month means 80 work days to reach my goal…180 divided by 80…wait, let me get my calculator out (just kidding!)…2.25 items each work day.  Hey, that sounds doable!

As long as I don’t get distracted.  Oh, and I have to keep in mind the 6 work days I’m going to be in the Turks and Caicos Islands in July, the couple of days next month when my parents are coming out from California for my daughter’s college graduation…

That brings me to 2 and a half items a day…still doable, whew!

Of course, I will still need to keep the house, feed the family, pay attention to my peeps, write a blog post now and then…guess I’d better not think this is going to be a breeze!  But at least it’s a goal to work toward.

What about you?  How many items do you currently have?  A lot?  A few?  What do you find works best for you?  How long did it take you to get to your current number of listings?  Any suggestions or pointers???

Well, I guess I should sign off for today, buckle down, and get to work!

Be blessed!

4 thoughts on “Time to Buckle Down

  1. Ah, Happy Buckles to you! Once again, your blog has inspired me to get to work!

  2. Ok, ok more items. Does it count if my items are variations of the same item? You inspire me to keep building, thank you!

  3. […] back to work.  Remember that goal of listing 100 items by the end of summer?  The whole “2.25 items a day?”  Yah, um…well, not as easy as it looks…although I am up by 12 items since I […]

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