Just Monkeyin’ Around

Image courtesy of...me!

O.K., can I just say…


I’ve talked about PicMonkey before, but I bring it up again because this nifty little site is jumping right in and taking over that photo-editing greatness that used to belong to Picnik.

They’ve added all sorts of fantastic and fun features…all for free!  At least for now.

You know how it goes…they get you hooked, then attach a price tag.  But this one is gonna be worth it.  I’m already standing here with wallet in hand ready to sign up for the whole shebang!

I was having a little too much fun this morning with some of the different effects:

Exhibit A:  my running shoe… plain, boring picture:

Exhibit A

Exhibits B through G:  SO MUCH FUN!

Exhibit B - Film Edge

Exhibit C - Daguerreotype

Exhibit D - Polaroid Frame

Exhibit E - Cinerama Letterbox

Exhibit F - combination Sepia & Frost

Exhibit G - umm...not sure. Was having too much fun and lost track!

See how fun!?

Go on!  Give it a try!  If you come up with something super cool, go and share it on my Facebook page, O.K?

6 thoughts on “Just Monkeyin’ Around

  1. Love the monkey. Cool photo play with the sneaker C & D being my favs. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Cool! One can never have too many monkeys! 🙂

  3. I love picmonkey also and am waiting for when I have to pay cause I will! :o)

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