What the…?

O.K., so I know this really has nothing to do with anything that this blog is about…well, except that it happened in real life…but I just had this random memory from my childhood and I’ve been sitting here sewing and giggling to myself for the last 5 minutes and I figured I’d look a little less crazy if I had someone else laughing with me.

It happened like this…

I was probably about, I don’t know, maybe 11, and I was getting ready to head out back to play.  I was crouched down beside the sliding door tying my shoes.  My mom was at the kitchen sink, just the other side of the breakfast bar, doing dishes, when all of the sudden I’m like, “Oh, shoot!”  And Mom’s like, “What happened?”  And I’m like, “My tongue fell out!”


I was pulling up the tongue of my sneaker before I tied my shoe, and it pulled right out of it’s stitches and was flopping there in my hand.

Of course, my mom couldn’t see that, I was crouched on the floor on the other side of the bar, remember?

I stood up, showed her the amputated shoe appendage, and we both burst out laughing…

Maybe you had to be there.

It still makes me laugh.

Do you have any funny stories from when you were a kid that still make you laugh?  Share, share!  Please do!

15 thoughts on “What the…?

  1. What a great memory! Made me laugh too. As kids we say the silliest things!

  2. sammysgrammy (Rita)

    There are hundreds of those lovely memories stored right here (points to head)……

  3. hahahaha!! I was laughing right along with you! When I was teaching I used to keep a journal handy and I would write down all the silly things my students would say throughout the day . . . .I have LOTS of silly stories 🙂

    • I’m soooo glad I wasn’t sitting here all alone laughing by myself 🙂 Glad to share the giggles…I’m sure yours are amazing; maybe someday you can write a book!

  4. Fun post! I’m laughing right along with you! Sometimes I wonder what makes us remember something right in the middle of doing something completely out of context.

  5. I so remember this! Thanks for the laugh and memory M!

  6. Ha ha!! Great story! Made me laugh, too. 🙂

  7. My husband does that all the time! Out of nowhere he will start laughing out loud and my son and I will wonder what the? It’s always some memory that may not be funny to us but we laugh because of how he brought it up!

  8. That is pretty funny!

  9. What a happy memory! Makes me laugh right along with you!!! 🙂

  10. Ha ha, so funny! This reminds me of when I was five years old and my parents took me for an eye exam. They showed me the eye chart and asked me to read it, but I just started crying hysterically and saying “I can’t read it, I can’t read it!” They thought I was going blind or something. Everyone was terrified.

    Finally they asked me WHY I couldn’t read it, and I blurted out, “Because it doesn’t SAY anything!!!” At that point they realized I was actually trying to READ it, like words, because I already knew how to read. What a precocious little idiot I was, huh? 🙂

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