And the Winner is…

Image courtesy of Grace Graffiti

In this game of Life vs. Etsy…this past week, life won.

I’ve got great reasons for being away so long, really…

  • Dollie graduated college
  • Bub graduated high school
  • Parents came to visit and party with us
  • BIG celebration party…lots of people, and lots of BBQ, and lots of S’mores
  • Lots of picking up the mess

But Etsy doesn’t go anywhere.  It’s always still there waiting for me to come back…kinda like a faithful friend.  Doesn’t really matter how long you’re away, they’re always glad to see you.

But now it’s time to buckle down and get back to work.  Remember that goal of listing 100 items by the end of summer?  The whole “2.25 items a day?”  Yah, um…well, not as easy as it looks…although I am up by 12 items since I wrote that post, so I guess I’m making progress, right?

Anyway, I guess the lesson today is, don’t sweat it if life takes over for a while.  Life is SO much more important than Etsy…really.  And I’m pretty sure it’s darn near impossible to have a successful Etsy shop if your life is in shambles.  Besides…Etsy will be there when you come back. 🙂


9 thoughts on “And the Winner is…

  1. Etsy is always there. Graduations are a great reason to be away! How exciting. I know how hard out is to keep those listing coming. Your doing great. Just keep moving forward.

  2. Thank you Malaika! I needed that this morning. Thank you for the encouragement:) Heading to Portland to pick up my daughter at the airport for her first bridal dress fitting later this week. Precious times. Etsy will wait:)

  3. congratulations on the graduations!

  4. Wow–quite a year for you…and big congrats for Dollie, Bub, and Mom & Dad! ^_^

  5. Life does have a funny way of getting in our way. 🙂 Like you said, Etsy will be there when you get back.

  6. When I saw this post pop up in my email, it was then I realized that I hadn’t gotten anything from you in a while. I missed you! Glad you are back and got lots of energy from all your great memories from your events. Keep plugging away to that 100….

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