Trust in Me

Sitting with the Lord this morning, I was reminded of a poem I wrote way back in high school.  The last two lines have come to mind often throughout my life since then…just wanted to share.

On day as I was walking
Through the deepest dark despair,
I found myself just wondering
If God was really there.

I walked along the mangled path
Into the dark and gloom.
I shivered at the things I saw,
They smelled of death and doom.

Then at the darkest moment
When I wished that I were dead,
I saw a brilliant, dazzling light
On the pathway just ahead.

I scrambled toward that guiding light
And heard God say to me,
“My child, I’ll never leave you,
If you will trust in Me.”

MT  8/6/87


4 thoughts on “Trust in Me

  1. I like your poem… thank you for sharing!

  2. …and you can write poetry, too–God has given you many gifts, friend!!

  3. Very heartfelt. I wish I had known Him closely in my teens.


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