It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

Image courtesy of Sara Picard from Beyond the Lens

O.K., I’m going to do a little bragging here…

See that amazing photo above?  (You know you want to go jumping in puddles, too!).  That photographer is my very own daughter.  I’m just a tiny bit proud of her….o.k., a whole LOT proud of her!

Sara started taking photos with the camera we gave her for her 12th birthday.  She’s since upgraded to a fancy-dandy DSLR camera that she bought with money she earned taking photos.  I have to say, she’s taken some pretty amazing shots over the years.

My favorites are her still life photos

She’s also done some great photo shoots for families, individuals, graduates, and delegates, not to mention the handful of weddings she’s been hired to do.  If you check out her Facebook Page, Beyond the Lens-Photography, you can see some of her best shots.  You could even “like” her page if you want to…I’m sure she’d appreciate it! 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

  1. Naturally, I have to say she comes by her artistic talent from a healthy line of artistic folks! Also super proud of my fantasmagorical (grandpabillism) grandaughter!

  2. I do! I do! I like it! That picture in particular. It “jumps” out at you. 🙂

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