Cooking Up Some Fun!

Remember that peanut butter banana bread I made the other day?  The one I was making to take to the Ronald McDonald House?  Yeah, oh so yummy!

A small group of us from church go to the RMH once a month to make breakfast for the families who are staying there.  We try to spend a little time with them, find out their stories, pray with them if they want, but mostly, bless them with a good morning meal and a friendly smile.

We’ve got our normal routine, and everyone pretty much as their ‘regular’ role.  Like Hubby, for instance…he’s the chief home-fries maker (maybe I’ll have to share that recipe sometime… those are pretty yummy, too!).  Me, I’m pretty much the behind-the-scene-do-whatever lady.

This week I got to scrape out the oven which had so much gunk stuck to the bottom that we weren’t allowed to use it for fear of setting off the smoke alarms!

We have a lot of fun though…like the mandatory dancing in the kitchen:

and the group hugs with silly faces:

Now, doesn’t that make you smile? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cooking Up Some Fun!

  1. Now there’s a special group of people! And I know of another oven that could use some help…

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