Making NomMon

I realized the other day that I had some news I forgot to share…HMDDesigns can now be found in a sweet little artisan gift shop in Seattle, called Cake Spy Shop!

Yay! We love cupcakes!

One of my brothers lives out in the Seattle area, and he’s my biggest promoter.  I guess he stopped by the shop one day and thought my wares would fit right in.  He suggested the owners contact me, and now you can find my mustache wallets and NomMon bibs in their shop!

Speaking of which…they just sold the last of the bibs and I’ve had to make more to restock, so I thought it might be fun to share with you what actually goes into the making of a NomMon (TM) product.  By the way, if you don’t know the story of NomMon, you can read about it here.

First, every NomMon begins life as a piece of medium weight denim and goes through a rigorous washing/drying/cutting process.  Then each piece is screen printed by hand using the not-so-latest printing processes.

While the paint is drying, the next step begins…cutting the face pieces.  Each NomMon face has 5 individual pieces, two eyes, a tongue, and upper and lower chompers.  A special adhesive film is applied to the back of the fabric, then, using a hand-made template, I trace each shape onto the adhesive film’s paper backing and cut each feature out by hand.

Then I pull out my trusty iron, heat-set the screen printing, and adhere the facial features.

Next comes the boring part…stitching the edges of ALL the face pieces!  The adhesive is great for keeping the parts in place, but it won’t stand up to repeated washings and wearings, so I stitches them ALL down…it’s a drag, but it’s kinda important.

“Only 5 more pairs of teeth to go…O.K., I can do this…OOOOH, chocolate!”

Tags are stitched to the backing, front and back pieces are pinned together, and then stitched in place…

A little turning, a little top stitching, a little Velcro, and a quick press with the iron, and the bibs are ready to go!

That’s a lot of work for something that’s going to get covered in food!  Oh well, that’s what NomMon’s best at…chomping food! 🙂

In case you’re wondering…NomMon (TM) shows up on pot holders and aprons, too!


2 thoughts on “Making NomMon

  1. Awesome that your goods have hit the west coast retail! It is great to have people promoting you! Supper cute bibs.

  2. Wow, now I want to get a bib and like, frame it or something. That’s just artwork! 🙂

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