Just a Little Something New…

I’ve been working hard at building the inventory in my Etsy shop recently, and, about three weeks ago I thought it was time to take a little break and make something for myself.  So I dug through my binder of patterns and decided to make this bag.

It’s an Amy Butler bag pattern from her book,  Amy Butler’s Style Stitches: 12 Easy Ways to 26 Wonderful Bags.  It was labeled with a difficulty level of “Advanced,” and they weren’t kidding!  It took me about 9 hours to make this bag, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

My dear hubby, although supportive, doesn’t often get terribly excited about my creations, but ever since I finished this one, he’s been on my case to get it listed in my Etsy shop…so, now it is.

I’ve even got a few “matchy-matchies,” as a friend of mine likes to put it…

Mini-notepad cover, handy for those quick notes

Cell-phone wristlet with pocket, a great grab-n-go purse.

And, for anyone who’s counting, these new listings bring me up to 74 items in my shop…only 26 more to meet my end-of-summer goal!

5 thoughts on “Just a Little Something New…

  1. Yaay, matchy-matchies! Too bad nobody matches you! 🙂

  2. Wow, you do enjoy challenging yourself, don’t you? Beautiful bag!

  3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE THE NEW BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new prints you found and are using are whimsical and so very very ME! 🙂

  4. Thanks, everyone! It really is a sweet bag…so glad I made one for myself first 🙂

  5. […] then I got a special order for the new handbag I made recently.  After working with the customer to find just the right colors, I sat down on […]

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