Lobster and Raccoon…Must Be Maine!

So, I’ve got some pretty exciting news…

HMDDesigns can now be found in Freeport, Maine, right across the street from L.L. Bean!

Through a friend of mine, I connected with a couple who are opening a new artisan gift shop….seriously, right across from the front steps of L.L. Bean (talk about location!).  They loved my bright, cheerful items and kids bags, and made a large, initial purchase with potential for repeat orders….assuming my things sell…which they will, right?  Maybe?  Hopefully?

Anyway, the shop is called The Salty Lobster, and will be opening next Friday.  The really cool thing is that they also have a marine touch tank where they will be displaying unique lobsters found by local lobstermen, so the kids can check out the cool crustaceans while mom and dad shop.  Neat, huh!?  The shop is actually named for a famous blue lobster named Salty.

Wanna know what else is cool?  I get to design a Salty Lobster appliqué to put on some of my kids book bags and totes!  Here’s a picture I took of their poster so I could design the appliqué:

I’ll be sure to show you pictures of the bags once they’re made.

But I promised you raccoon, too, didn’t I?

Hubby woke up last night to find a little guy stuck in our trash can.  Not sure what we wanted to do with him, hubby secured him in the can until the morning.  When we got up, we decided to just let him go, but not before we got some pictures, of course!

I guess Rascal was after the Little Caesar’s Pizza we had for dinner last night…too bad we ate it all!  He was looking rather timid when we first opened the lid.

Isn’t he cute!?  I know, I know, wild animals may look cute, but should be treated with cautious wisdom…we were careful, I promise.  We didn’t even try to pet him or anything.  But he IS cute.

He wouldn’t come out while we were still watching him; he decided to sit back and wait us out, instead.  We gave him a little boost by tipping the can up a bit so that he slid out.  Then he took off under one of the cars and disappeared from there.  Guess we’ll have to start strapping down our trash can lid.

4 thoughts on “Lobster and Raccoon…Must Be Maine!

  1. Yay!! Good for you, Malaika…I know your things will be a big hit at the new store! And Rascal is So cute! : )

  2. Hey, that’s awesome about the shop! But where is it exactly? Like, what is it next to? I know the shops there pretty well, so I’m wanting to picture it.

    And what a cute little raccoon! We just found yet another baby mouse yesterday in the container of sunflower seeds that my boyfriend feeds to the squirrels (yes, deliberately). He found a baby raccoon in the park once too, but it was really little, so we took it to a wildlife refuge. It made the cutest little purring noises when we petted it. Which we totally did. 🙂

    • Stand on the front step of L.L. Beans, look toward Bow Street, and their front door is diagonal on that right hand corner of Bow and Main. It’s underneath the Linda Beans restaurant.

      And you’re braver than I when it comes to touching wild animals. I would have called the animal control officer if I found a baby animal stranded somewhere…

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