Blind Intersection

We were driving home from church the other day and Hubby saw this sign, only about a half mile from our house.

“When did that get put there?”  he asked.

It’s been there for a while now; it’s just that we drive past it so often that we don’t even notice it, and now, with the summer foliage, it’s partially blocked from view.

I’m not really sure why we noticed that sign the other day when usually we don’t, but I couldn’t help thinking about it this morning as I was contemplating some decisions we’ve made recently.

The truth is, life is full of blind intersections.

Intersections aren’t necessarily bad things…like the intersection that turns off toward the ice cream place, or the one that goes to the beach, or to a friend’s house.  But it’s a little disorienting when you come upon them unexpectedly, like when your exit on the highway comes up faster than you realized and you either have to slam on the brakes, praying to avoid a collision, in order to make your turn, or pass it to drive another 10 miles before you can legally turn around and head back to it.

Or when you’re driving along and you know your turn is coming up but you’re not exactly sure where, so you drive as slowly as the vehicle behind you will tolerate, craning your neck and straining your eyes to catch a glimpse of your turn-off before you pass it.

Yah, life can be like that sometimes.

Then again, if I push over to the passenger seat and let the Lord drive, we’re sure to get exactly where we’re meant to go exactly when we’re meant to get there.

This could be fun!  I LOVE road trips!

One thought on “Blind Intersection

  1. I haven’t come across that kind of sign before 🙂
    It’s true what you say life can be like that sometimes – I usually trust my intuition to lead me where I need to go!
    best wishes,

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