Selling Local

I know we’ve all heard, “Buy local!”

I love that concept.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to benefit their neighbors or their own local community.  It’s just plain good for everyone.

But as a producer of goods, I also love to be able to “sell local.”

Thanks to The Merchant Company, I can do just that!

As with all my Monday Maine-ia contacts, I came across The Merchant Company (TMC) through Etsy.  A chat thread on our Etsy Maine Team to be specific (see why I love my Maine team!?)

It was about this time last year when TMC opened their doors.  In their own words, they describe themselves as ” a unique handmade arts, crafts and vintage store with over 80 selected vendors, offering the best in local housewares, clothing, paper goods, jewelry & accessories.”

I share a rented booth space with my pal, Shanna Tice (I know I promised to do a feature on her…I haven’t forgotten!).

I love the shop set up.  All the vendors are hand picked through a jury process, so you know you’re getting great stuff!  And, as vendors, we’ve got the choice to sell purely commission based, or rent a booth space.

There is such a great mix of items there.  Here, let me show you…

Photos from TMC's Facebook album

And here’s a peek at Shanna’s and my booth:

So, if you’re in the Portland, Maine, area, come visit The Merchant Company.  It’s right on Congress Street, #656.  You’ll be glad you did!