Firefly Joy

Image courtesy of Denae at

Image courtesy of Denae

So I started this joy dare thing, 31 days of joy for the month of October, and I’m on day three which is to think of “a gift caught, let go, mid-way.”

That got me thinking about fireflies.

Do you remember those warm mid-summer nights when your back yard was full of little blinking electric lights?  Remember how you’d catch them and put them in a mason jar, poke air holes in the lid, and spend the rest of the evening marveling at the super-natural glow emitting from the tail end of those little bugs?  And then, at the end of the night, mom or dad would say, “OK, time to let them go.”   That was always a bit disappointing, mostly because it meant it was time for bed, but also because it meant letting the source of that evening’s enjoyment go.  Of course, we knew it was best that we did let those fireflies go, otherwise they would die.  But it was still sad to take of the lid and dump the jar out.

There’re things in life like that, joys that we aren’t quite ready to be done with, even if we know it’s best.  I’ve had friendships like that, and recently had that experience with my Etsy shop…right smack dab in the middle of the enjoying, for one reason or another, I had to let it go.  I know the Lord had my best interest in mind, but it was a little sad.  Sometimes I understood the blessing in the letting go, sometimes not; guess that’s where faith comes in.  The point is, I need to remember to count the time I did have in the enjoyment as a gift, without letting the loss steal new joy.

It’s also a good reminder to not hold our blessing too tightly.  Some gifts are meant to be enjoyed for a season, so dive in and soak up the joy, but never hold them so close that we can’t let them go when it’s time.  Hold them like fireflies…those memories last a lifetime, and always bring a smile to my heart!


Read a Blog, Share a Blog

Well, in an effort to practice my own advice, today’s balancing act is going to lean heavier on the sewing side than the computer side, but I didn’t want to just ignore you all, so I thought it might be fun to have a little interaction.

I dub today “Read a Blog, Share a Blog Day” (I can do that ’cause it’s my blog, right?).  And I figure, if you’re reading my blog, then you probably read other blogs, too.  Blogs that are way more interesting and amazing than this one, so, lets trade, O.K.?

Today I’m going to share with you one of my favorites…I have several, so we may have to play this sharing game again. 🙂
This blog is called Lil Blue Boo, and it’s one of my favorites because, not only does this lady have an Etsy shop, and write an amazing blog,  but she’s a really amazing lady.  Ashley has been fighting a very aggressive form of cancer for some time now, but she keeps on truckin’ and lives each day to the fullest she can possibly manage.  Her moto is “Choose Joy“, and she lives it each and every day.  Don’t believe me?  Check out her blog.  I’m betting you’ll decide to add this one to your list of favorites, too!

So, that’s mine…your turn!

Leave a link to one of your favorite blogs in the comments below, and maybe share with us why you love it.  Then the rest of us can take a peek and maybe find new favorites, too!  I only ask that you keep your choices family friendly, ’cause I promised WordPress that I’d keep this blog rated “PG” and I like to keep my promises.

Have a shiny day!  And happy blog reading!