Crafting with Kelly

New job, new friends…another of the few things that is great about my job (I work with some pretty fantastic folks), and one of them, Kelly, likes to sew and knit and read and craft…just like me!   🙂

So the other day, during a random-thought moment, I told Kelly that we ought to make some felted acorns.  “Sure!,” she said.  So we Google-d “how to make felted acorns out of wool,” learned what we needed to do, and after work that night, went to our locally owned and operated yarn shop and bought some wool.  The next morning, after my run, I collected a whole bunch of acorns from our yard and got ready for some fun!

photo 1A couple of nights later we got together at my house, did some more Google-ing, and found a great video to review the process.  After a few trials and errors, we started making some pleasing progress:

photo 2Junior was home for the week, and he joined us, too!

Here’s what the finished product looks like:

photo 3Sweet, huh?!  Now we just have to figure out what to do with a several dozen felted acorns!