Crafting with Kelly

New job, new friends…another of the few things that is great about my job (I work with some pretty fantastic folks), and one of them, Kelly, likes to sew and knit and read and craft…just like me! ¬† ūüôā

So the other day, during a random-thought moment, I told Kelly that we ought to make some felted acorns. ¬†“Sure!,” she said. ¬†So we Google-d “how to make felted acorns out of wool,” learned what we needed to do, and after work that night, went to our locally owned and operated yarn shop and bought some wool. ¬†The next morning, after my run, I collected a whole bunch of acorns from our yard and got ready for some fun!

photo 1A couple of nights later we got together at my house, did some more Google-ing, and found a great video to review the process.  After a few trials and errors, we started making some pleasing progress:

photo 2Junior was home for the week, and he joined us, too!

Here’s what the finished product looks like:

photo 3Sweet, huh?!  Now we just have to figure out what to do with a several dozen felted acorns!


Cooking Up Some Fun!

Remember that peanut butter banana bread I made the other day?  The one I was making to take to the Ronald McDonald House?  Yeah, oh so yummy!

A small group of us from church go to the RMH once a month to make breakfast for the families who are staying there.  We try to spend a little time with them, find out their stories, pray with them if they want, but mostly, bless them with a good morning meal and a friendly smile.

We’ve got our normal routine, and everyone pretty much as their ‘regular’ role. ¬†Like Hubby, for instance…he’s the chief home-fries maker (maybe I’ll have to share that recipe sometime… those are pretty yummy, too!). ¬†Me, I’m pretty much the behind-the-scene-do-whatever lady.

This week I got to scrape out the oven which had so much gunk stuck to the bottom that we weren’t allowed to use it for fear of setting off the smoke alarms!

We have a lot of fun though…like the mandatory dancing in the kitchen:

and the group hugs with silly faces:

Now, doesn’t that make you smile? ūüôā

Sew Darn Fabulous!

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  It was absolutely gorgeous in my neck of the woods!

And speaking of woods…it’s time for Monday Maine-ia!

This week I want to introduce you to a new and becoming very dear friend of mine, Caren, of Sew Darn Fabulous¬†(you HAVE to go to her shop and check out her banner…it looks JUST LIKE HER!)

Anyway, Caren and I first met this past December when our Etsy Maine Team was having our annual Secret Santa gift swap. ¬†This year I was in charge of collecting all the names and addresses, and when Caren added her information to our list, I saw that she was literally ‘over the river and through the woods’ from my house….o.k., it’s more like a brook than a river, but still…if the trees were cut down, we could see each other’s houses!

So we started talking back and forth and discovered that we’re both stay-at-home moms. ¬†We decided to get together and sew every couple of weeks, kind of a grown-up play date, and we’ve been doing it ever since. ¬†We both really look forward to our time together…it can get pretty quite around the house when kids are at school…or work!

Caren just opened up Sew Darn Fabulous in January and she’s working on a great line of girls dresses with matching doll outfits, but she also makes super fun banners and buntings, as well as adorable hair accessories for little ladies.

Caren’s work is top-notch. ¬†She takes the time to make all of her dresses with french seams instead of using an over-lock machine to finish raw edges. ¬†For those of you who sew, you know the extra time and care french seams take, but the final product is just beautiful!

Not only does she sew, but Caren is a talented scrapbooker.  Her other shop, My Scrapbook Studio, has a fun selection of pre-made albums.

She’s even got one specially designed for Mother’s Day…(hint, hint).

Those dresses Caren makes almost make me wish I had another little girl…almost. ūüôā ¬†Maybe she’ll still be making them 10 years from now when I’ve got grandchildren!

Until next time…have a great night! ¬†(See you next week, Caren!)

Good Golly, Miss Mollie!

In the spirit of connecting Etsy-world and the real world, I thought it would be fun to share some people and places from Maine that I first found on Etsy but have met or experienced in person.  Introducing a new weekly series called Monday Maine-ia!

My first feature is about a person who, appropriately, is a self-proclaimed “Monday” person, always eager and ready to jump into the new week…my dear, sweet friend, Mollie Meserve of Rough Magic Creations (and Rough Magic Holidays, and¬†¬†Rough Magicals).

I first “met” Mollie on the Etsy Maine Team, but I got to know her better when we decided to partner up during Etsy’s Holiday Boot Camp. ¬†Mollie is the kind of person who, regardless of age, is young at heart. ¬†When she’s in the room (even the virtual room), everyone feels a little happier!

And she’s an amazing copper-smith and jeweler. ¬†With Etsy so full of great jewelry, it takes a true artist to be able to stand out in the crowd, and Miss Mollie, in my humble opinion, stands head and shoulders¬†above¬†the crowd. ¬†I love how she combines the colors and textures of various metals and stones. ¬†And I’m pretty sure she makes all¬†of her own findings. ¬†Now that’s one-of-a-kind!

The first time I met her in person was at a team-sponsored craft fair. ¬†Mollie didn’t participate as a vendor, but she made the long trip from Down East just to meet the rest of us. ¬†The minute I saw her I ran over and gave her a big hug, and got an even BIGGER hug in return!

Oh, and Mollie is the creator of my most favorite pair of earrings:

I wear these almost¬†every¬†day…they go great with all my outfits!

Mollie is also a super star at creating Etsy Treasuries. ¬†She’s challenged herself to make at least one treasury for every day of this year. ¬†Wow! ¬†That’s a lot of treasuries! ¬†And she’s so good at it, too! ¬†You can find all of Mollie’s treasuries here. ¬†I hope you take the time to check them out; they are works of art in and of themselves!

So, there you have it, my first feature of the beauty of Maine on Etsy. ¬†There is so much more to share…hope you’ll join me next time!

Excuse Me a Moment…I’ve Got My “Real” Life on the Other Line

courtesy of aliceinvintageland

Today’s lesson is gonna be short…

Sometimes Life calls and you have to pick up!

Like today, for instance. ¬†Yesterday I was planning on today being like any other Monday…do a little housekeeping, then dive in and get to work on the projects on my to-do list.

Phone rings…..

Now I’m spending the day helping a couple of friends finish moving. ¬†They’ve got to be out of their house by the end of the day.

Sometimes life calls and you really shouldn’t let it go to the answering machine! ¬†My sewing machine and projects aren’t going anywhere. ¬†And (sometimes this still surprises me) the world is NOT going to fall apart if I don’t do what I was planning on doing! ¬†Who knew!?

Gotta run….or pack, or move, or whatever the day brings! ¬†See you tomorrow!

Beauty, Business, and Blessings

It feels like much longer than a week ago that I posted here, but I suppose that’s because it’s been a full and good week that started with a Saturday hike on Tumbledown Mountain, just outside of Rumford.¬† After a two-hour¬†drive, and a two-hour hike up, this is was our reward:

It was a beautiful day for a hike, and we had good company with us.¬† For the last half of our hike up the mountain, the guys put me up front (probably because I was the slowest and they didn’t want to lose me ūüôā ), and I got the job of following the blaze marks to keep us on the trail.¬† Sometimes it took a minute to spot the next one (although I’m certain it was because I was too short to see over the next rise!), but we made it and didn’t get off track once.¬† I know there’s some great life-lesson application in the whole follow-the-blazed-trail-even-if-it-looks-like-the-tougher-path thing, but I’m not feeling terribly philosophical today, so I’ll allow you the pleasure of pondering that little treasure on your own.

Then Monday morning started with an international order (yay…and a repeat customer at that!), and a special bulk order.¬† So, between the wife/mom/home stuff, the special orders, and meeting up with a couple of friends I haven’t seen in ages, I’ve been a bit preoccupied.

And yesterday I made another crochet hook case…I’ve got a handful of people waiting for me to make more, and within a matter of hours, it was sold!¬† I’ve got more coming, I promise.¬† In fact, that’s the very next thing on my to-do list for today!

So TTFN, and have a blessed day!