Still Finding the Thread

Believe it or not, I’m still here…got a little sidetracked, but I’m still here!

I’m not going to bore you with a year-in-review update. How about just a few pictures to capture some of my favorite moments?

Happy day! Got to see my big little brother for the first time in 22 years!

aaron and me

…and met my niece and nephew in person!


One of the few lovely things about my new job…the lunch-break sanctuary.


Another happy day…got to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary while attending the marriage of a lovely young couple from church.  I do believe this is the best ever picture of me and my dearest!

photo (3)edit

So much fun! A group of folks from our sister church in Ontario came down to help us out with a week-long summer kids program. Met some pretty amazing folks!

photo (4)edit

Summer lobster feed is a great time for an updated family photo…for once, we were ALL there!

photo (5)edit

Dearest daughter with her young man.

photo (6)edit

And a moment from our day in Boston with Junior to celebrate his birthday…farmers market, Faneuil Hall, Boston Aquarium, Mike’s Pastry, and a LONG walk to Barnes and Nobel…great day!

photo (7)edit
There’s so much more, of course, but these are the best moments…the ones I like to dwell on.  It’s been a long year, a bumpy ride, and a great adventure, all rolled up in one….and I still haven’t found that darn thread, but that’s all part of the journey, I guess, so we’ll keep on keepin’ on.

Until next time (and I’m hoping “next time” is sooner than next year), be blessed!


Getting Started

So this is my very-first-ever blog.  Please excuse any novice errors or random indications that I have no idea what I’m doing, because, frankly, I don’t have any idea what I’m doing except making a decision to express myself publicly.  I’m not going to make any promises about how often I will blog, or how brilliant and inspiring I hope my posts will be…I have simply decided that I want to document this little spot in my life-line, and this is how I decided to do it.  If you decide to join me on this adventure, I both apologize and thank you.  Apology because it probably will not be anything amazing, and gratitude because you’re willing to give me a few minutes of your attention.

First, a couple of definitions.  The term “clay pot” is taken from my most beloved book, the Bible.  Scripture explains that a Christian holds an amazing “treasure” (a right-standing before God by grace through faith in Christ), in “earthen vessels,” or clay pots (our lives).  My Scripture-reading friends will understand when I say that I have often wished to be the Proverbs 31 woman, or even the Titus 2 woman – both, very worthy models to follow.  However, when I look at my heart and soul in the mirror, I definitely see a clay pot…a cracked one at that.  And do you know what?  I’m good with that.  Cracks leak, and if I’m filled with the Spirit of my Lord, then I’ll be leaking Christ.  Maybe a crude way to express it, but true, none the less.

Secondly…”hand-me-downs”, those things that have been use and passed on for further use.  I’ve always loved hand-me-downs.  I remember receiving big boxes of my cousin’s hand-me-down clothes in the mail.  Going through those boxes was like opening Christmas presents.  The clothing may have been previously used, but to me, it was brand new, something exciting to add to my wardrobe.  As an adult, some of my most favorite outfits came from Goodwill.  And now, I create brand new things using material from hand-me-down clothing.

And that brings me to the whole point of starting this blog.  This past summer God started me on an adventure involving some old jeans and my sewing machine, an adventure that I’ve named Hand-Me-Down Designs.  I want to share that journey with you, but even more than that, I want to remember, every day, that this journey is God’s journey and for His purposes.  I don’t ever want to forget that I’ve committed the efforts and outcomes of this journey to His glory.  I want this blog to be my place to stop and give Him praise and thanks, to share what He’s doing, how He’s growing me, and what He’s teaching me along the way.  In other words, this clay pot wants to give you the hand-me-down blessings and insights that come my way.  I’m sorry if they get to you a little tattered, worn, or stretched out of shape, but I hope to use them well before passing them on.