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Hi there! Boy, have I been busy. If you haven’t checked out my new blog yet, I’d love for you to visit! I call it Etsy in Real Life.

In my travels around blog land, I stumbled across a really neat site. It’s called Mom’s Daily Zen, and it’s shaping up to be a great on-line boutique. This is what I saw when I first entered the site:

Cute, right!?

I got in touch with the head of Mom’s Daily Zen, Tiffany, and asked her to tell me about how her site works and why moms will love it. This is what she shared:

Mom’s Daily Zen features the best in handmade products, deals, and giveaways for moms, babies, and kids. We’re a moderated submission website, meaning artists submit their products to us, and we filter and publish what we believe represents the cream of the crop. We also announce deals and sales a few times each week, as well as featuring handmade sellers who cater directly to moms, babies, and kids. Several times a month we host giveaways. Products featured in our giveaways range from pampering mommy to baby essentials to kids apparel.

What makes this website appealing to shoppers is that it is easy to use and brings everything together. Mom’s Daily Zen is one website featuring superior products, ways to save, and freebies! Another reason to choose Mom’s Daily Zen is the fact that it is moderated. Not just any child’s boutique can feature their products, and you can’t “pay your way in.” Only top quality, relevant products, deals, and giveaways are featured, so moms know that we’ve personally screened everything to make sure it is something our moms would love.”

I’m neither a child nor a mom of little ones anymore, but I think I might just have to have one of these!

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Stop by Mom’s Daily Zen and see all the other cute things that are there!  Nice work, Tiffany!