“Forgetting what lies behind…”

Not forget, like “don’t even bring it to mind ever again,” but forget like “don’t cling to it, or let it cling to you.”

Sometimes it’s the “good” things I need to forget.

Sometimes, dwelling on how good things used to be brings me down, because now seems so much harder.

The trouble with dwelling on how things “used to be” is that it makes it tricky to see the blessings in how things are now. Harder isn’t always worse, in fact, harder is often where the best joys are found.

So my word for this coming year is “forward.

“…straining forward to what lies ahead,” because ahead is where hope is found.

Ahead is undiscovered and unblemished.

Ahead is the prize…the “prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

Forward to all the blessings and joy the Lord has in store, regardless of the road conditions.